The Plot Thickens On “General Hospital”

The truth about Jake on "General Hospital" is reaching a fever pitch.

HOLLYWOOD—I know what most of you are thinking, just what in the world is happening on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Yeah, it seems the narrative has jumped into full-force in the past 2-3 weeks. I must say just when I was becoming utterly bored with the Fluke storyline; the writers must be looking at an end game. This would be good in my opinion, I mean they’ve only dragged this storyline for about close to two years it seems.

Trying to place a finger on whom the fake Luke Spencer could be has been rattling minds. First we thought it was Cesar Faison (to come to learn he was a doppelganger for a doppelganger). So who is behind the face? Well look at the clues, Johnny and Helena are in co-hoots with the mastermind. The person has a vast hatred or desire to take out Sonny Corinthos, which leaves only one person in my eyes AJ Quartermaine, but AJ is dead right? In the soap arena that is never the case, but that’s where I’m placing my money for the moment.

Speaking of Johnny, he seems to be causing all sort of chaos in the marriage between former flame Lulu and Detective Falconeri. Could we see a new love triangle blooming pretty soon, I’d say that’s a yes.  For some odd reason, I just can’t shake the feeling with February sweeps upon us a major character or two is about to bite the dust as the Fluke story comes to a head.

So who could be checking out? Well we know Kristen Alderson aka Kiki Jerome is leaving the soap, so this would be the perfect time to knock someone off. Also Jordan has been good at keeping her true agenda from coming to the surface, but I have a feeling the time is up.

Oh, we can’t forget about Nikolas Cassadine. The prince has turned over a new leaf to go to the dark side, by tampering with an election to rig the outcome. Just why would Nikolas do that and what does agent Sloane have in store for Port Charles and Anna Devane? I have the oddest feeling he is apart of the Fluke mystery.

The one storyline that everyone is waiting to see explode is the revelation that Jake is actually Jason. Sam and Patrick took their relationship to the next level by sleeping together, so one could argue that she has finally put the past in the past. Just wait till the truth that Jake did indeed kidnap her, and attempted to murder her come to light. Oh, we can’t forget what she’ll do when the truth about her supposedly dead hubby shines. You can expect Carly, Elizabeth, Sam, Sonny, Michael and a host of others to be floored.

The one concern that has risen is just why in the world is Helena not willing to divulge to Fluke who her soldier boy is? Hmm, when you keep secrets there tend to be a reason behind it. Let’s just hope someone discovers that the real Luke is hiding in the basement of the home where he and Bobbie grew up.

Many are still trying to wrap their minds around the possibility that the imposter could be Bill Eckert, Luke’s doppelganger cousin, but I don’t buy it, its way too easy. The writers want to have the audience talking for days, so the revelation better be well worth the wait or the soap could be in major trouble.

I’d say expect to see many storylines ramping up in the final week of January leading into the first week of February. Let’s hope we get a few bombshells, a death or two and a climax to the Fluke plot that has been raging way too long. “General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.