HOLLYWOOD—Well, after two strong episodes, viewers were bound to be delivered a filler episode at some point, which is exactly what we got this week on “Power Book II: Ghost.” This week’s episode, ‘Human Capital’ saw the Tejada family continue to fracture as everyone was keeping secrets. At the of the fracture was Cane and Lorenzo. Cane knows what Lorenzo did to Zeke and is using that leverage to get what he wants done. I’ve always suspected this, but this week confirmed it more than ever: Cane is not Lorenzo’s son. If anything, that would give Lorenzo more of a reason to take out Cane who is concerned with being a power player with Noma.

Noma hasn’t been seen since the premiere episode, so I am eager to see when the new villain of the season will make her presence known again. Her henchman issued more threats to Tariq, Brayden, Cane and Effie. How so? By threatening, Diana, Brayden’s parents and Tariq’s grandmother and he means business. The threat this time around seems gargantuan. Blanca, Jenny and Detective Kevin Whitman were all connecting the puzzle pieces with Monet and Tariq. Kevin has a personal vendetta against Monet, and Jenny had to sway the conversation elsewhere when questions about Lauren’s ‘death’ were brought to light.

It is funny to see how out of the loop Tariq is when it comes to Effie and Brayden. He really trusts them fully unaware that they are scheming behind his back. Saline and Diana’s relationship is continuing to grow, as Diana hit things right on the nail as she realized that her family only uses here when it is beneficial to them, as Lorenzo wanted her to move drugs at Stansfield to assist him with his little dilemma. That will further be showcased next week as Diana comes knocking for her daughter to help her with a situation.

Yeah, Monet doesn’t like that Detective Whitman is harassing her about Carrie’s demise. I did at first think that Monet killed Carrie, but I later backed off on that theory. However, I do believe Carrie was murdered, but I don’t think Monet committed the deed, but she knows who did.

Davis was exposed by Saxe who discovered that Theo Rollins is his brother and that Theo took the fall for a crime that Davis committed. Talk about cold-blooded. Yeah, Cane’s thirst for power has placed a bounty on his little sister. Lorenzo’s blood was boiling having to answer to Cane. Dru was not game for Cane’s plan to take out members of a Russian family from childhood.

That plan was quite messy to say the least. Why? It placed Cane, Dru, Lorenzo, Brayden, Effie and Tariq in a predicament where someone else was killed and fingers were pointed. Brayden froze yet again, which prompted Tariq to step in and commit the crime. Yeah, Tariq is just killing people left and right and seems to think there will not be any repercussions as a result?! It will in due time, our anti-hero just doesn’t know it yet.

Back at Weston, Uncle Lucas was looking to attract a black billionaire, who just happened to connect with Tariq. Brayden came up with an idea to move product by utilizing a coffee company as a ploy to stash drugs. I swear Mary J. Blige’s acting at times is not convincing for me as a viewer. It comes across a bit too aggressive. Diana realized from her roommate that drugs are still being peddled through Stansfield, just as Rashad and Harper got better acquainted. However, Rashad realized the authorities were looking to him for information about Tariq, and per usual Rashad sang like a canary. Dru just like Diana started to suspect something was up between Cane and Lorenzo.

Cane suspected that Brayden killed Lauren, but it soon became clear near the end of the episode, as he connected the dots. Brayden didn’t ‘kill’ Lauren it was Effie. Brayden is in to deep and doesn’t realize you have to get your hands dirty when you’re dealing drugs.  Things are getting juicy people, as allies are starting to manifest into enemies. Until next week “Power” fanatics!