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“Power” Recap: ‘Exactly How We Planned’

After six seasons, the Starz series "Power" finally came to an end.

HOLLYWOOD─Well “Power” fans the moment that we have been patiently been waiting for has finally arrived. The final episode of the hit Starz series aired on Sunday finally giving the audience the answer to the question we have been eagerly and I mean eagerly waiting for: Who Shot Ghost? Well let’s just say this was a fantastic episode, so hold onto your heart for chaos.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched the episode, please stop reading right now! The final episode titled ‘Exactly How We Planned’ was not what I expected, but with only 3 suspects left: Tariq, Tasha and Saxe, I ruled out one person based on Tommy’s reaction and Tate’s reaction after seeing the suspect on TV. Things kicked off with Tasha getting cozy with her boy toy who she has been secretly dating.

Tariq reminisced about his past, looking at photos of Raina (yeah, you should be reminded that you sister died as a result of your antics). When Tasha returned home late at night, Tariq did his best to puff out his chest per usual, as Tasha alerted her son about Ghost murdering Terry Silver. Tariq and Tasha were stunned to learn that James St. Patrick was running for Lt. Governor of New York. Looks like Tasha was working in cahoots with Saxe to nail St. Patrick

We already learned how things transpired with Elisa Marie and her aunt Dolores, where Tariq feigned ignorance before his heart palpitated. Tariq did not want Elisa Marie hurt, so the kids actually has a heart, but stress about getting Dre his money only complicated his day. So Dre was the party who gave Tariq the gun, before unexpectedly showing up with his father’s worst enemy.

Tasha was not expecting to see Ghost at his daughter’s gravesite. Ghost threatened Tasha that he planned to take Tariq and Yaz from her custody to protect her from her drug dealing ways. Yeah, Ghost was doing everything in his power to get underneath Tasha’s skin. Not a good sign people. As we previously witnessed, Tommy confronted Tasha about killing LaKeisha, rattling her skin to the core. This was a great sign; it was nice to see Tasha scared for her life once.

The day just keeps getting worst for Tariq as he learned the rest of his product has been confiscated. His teacher was arrested for possession and distribution of drugs, and yet again the kid feigned ignorance. Tasha and Saxe had a conversation with Tamica who shared information about Saxe getting ready to be arrested. Tamica and Tasha were on the same page about Rashad Tate and James St. Patrick being in cahoots. Tasha learned Tariq could be on the hook for the murder of Raymond Jones.

Tasha grilled Rashad for information about what Ghost may have or may not have shared. Tate shared that Tariq’s DNA is at the crime scene of Jones’ murder. Rashad continued to reiterate that Ghost was planning to turn Tariq in to elevate his chances of that Lt. Governor spot. Ghost screamed a bit of truth about Tariq being a spoiled brat and how constantly trying to protect him is the reason they have had all the chaos erupt in their lives.

Tariq and Tasha were concerned about their teacher snitching, as Ghost talked some tough love to his son for once in his life. Take note parents: sometimes accountability is the only way to protect your children from continuing to spiral down a dark path. These were some epic scenes between Omari Hardwick and Michael Rainey Jr. Tasha started to spiral with the latest news that Tariq delivered to her about her former lover.

Tariq and Tasha made plans to take out a threat, where it was hinted that Tasha was willing to murder Ghost to protect her son. Tasha alerted Quentin about her plans who was hesitant (unaware of exactly what Tasha is actually planning to do). Wow, Tasha stole Q’s gun and is planning to frame him for Ghost’s murder that is indeed ballsy. Tariq was still reeling about the fact that he might be going to jail. Tommy tried to prevent Tariq from making a stupid move, but the kid’s arrogance once again proves to be his downfall.

So this is crazy, everyone was angling to make a move, even Tommy, who attempted to frame Dre for trying to murder Ghost. Tariq tried contacting Tasha, but she was with Q and didn’t answer her phone. Tariq ratted out Tommy to Vincent (wow, this little kid needs a life lesson on loyalty). Ghost was closing up shop, when Tasha arrived at the nightclub, with Tariq still inside the building where he retrieved his gun. That seals the fate of what I thought. It was Tariq, who pulled the trigger because Tasha was waiting in the shadows of Ghost’s vehicle reader to murder him.

Kanan appeared to Tariq to warn him not to make a move that could haunt his life. It almost seemed that Kanan was hinting to Tariq to take out Ghost to protect Tasha, which actually makes no sense at all. When Tasha realized that Tariq was planning to murder ghost, she panicked. She was hoping to prevent her son from doing something he’d regret. Tariq confronted his father about all of his secrets and lies, but Ghost did his best to reason with his son, who pulled a gun on him.

Ghost was speechless and Tariq fired the shot, just as Tasha screamed for him. The duo panicked to cover up their tale, just as Tommy spotted Tariq as the shooter. Tommy was ready to pull the trigger, but Ghost stopped him from doing it. Yeah, the little punk kid panicked, as he saw Saxe stumbled into the building with a gun in tow. Tariq dumped his backpack, as paramedics and the police rushed to the scene of the crime.

This little kid, ugh, I don’t think I’ve hated a character more on TV America than Tariq St. Patrick. He is such a pompous, arrogant brat. Saxe was happy to see that his former pal, John was able to get him his job back. Tasha was stunned that Ghost did not leave her anything; it was all left to her children. Tariq learned that he does not inherit any money until he graduates from college. Wow, so from beyond the grave, Ghost ensured to deliver a stinger to the people who attempted to betray him the most. Blanca pulled Tasha and Tariq into federal custody for questioning on the murder of James St. Patrick. They pointed the finger at Andre Coleman. Blanca dug deep at the fact that Tasha was worried about Tariq being busted for the murder of Raymond Jones. Damn Blanca is good, she was well aware that either Tariq or Tasha pulled the trigger, and Saxe got underneath Tariq’s skin. He asked for water, as his attorney was dismissed. Tariq pointed the finger at Saxe, who he spotted leaving the crime scene with a gun, and forced Saxe to cower at the fact that Dre was guilty of something he did not do.

Ugh, this kid is a genius, even though he needs to be jailed for all the antics he pulled over the years. Blanca realized her career could be over, and Saxe refused to help her. She learned that Dre was killed and it left her reeling. Francis was questioned by Blanca, and she connected all the dots, but Francis was not saying one word. Tasha learned that Dre was dead and she had a chat with Simon about selling Truth nightclub. Simon offered her a job. Tariq learned that Dre was dead, and panic started to set in for both mother and son.

Tasha turned in Q for murdering Ghost. She feigned ignorance, that was indeed a dirty move and if her and Tariq don’t pay for the crimes committed this will boil my blood. Just when we thought Tasha and Tariq would get away with things, Blanca showed up with a search warrant. Tasha was arrested for James’ murder, as Tariq burst into tears. He wanted to confess, but Tasha prevented him from doing so. Wow, Tariq gets away with murder yet again, and all his antics have no consequences. Sucky ending, because I really wanted the show to highlight that you cannot get away with murder.

With that said, it was a great episode, not the ending I wanted, but its official people “Power” is over. So it looks like we’re about to get a spinoff, highlighting how Jamie, Tommy and Angela grew up. Seems interesting, but not certain if it’s my cup of tea considering we know how things end, but we’ll see how “Power Book II: Ghost.” So it looks like this new series will focus on a series of installments and things kick off in the summer of 2020.

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