HOLLYWOOD—Man, the third episode of “Power” opened with a major bang to say the least. ‘Forgot About Dre’ kicked off with an ambush with Dre Coleman learning that his life is on the line, as Dre decided to take matters in his own hands by killing Donovan. I really thought Donovan had a chance to survive, but Dre seemed to think otherwise. Saxe was in hot water, as questions arose rather he spilled the beans on Dre’s location. Things are arising in a major way, because Alicia Jimenez could find herself off the cusp. Dre was on edge about testifying against the Jimenez, but Saxe made it clear he has no choice.

Wow, that is seriously a dirty move, for Tate to be sleeping with one of his workers girlfriends. Just as a member of the DNC came into the office and cleaned house. Man, politics is indeed a dirty business. Like I said, Tommy looks like he is signing LaKeisha’s death warrant by getting her involved in the drug game, and she’s stupid for even considering it. Saxe questioned Alicia about her hit on Dre, which she denied, as the notion of a deal came to the forefront, but Saxe was not willing to buy it.

Ghost had a conversation with Tate about their project being on hold. Ghost threatened to cause ruffles in Tate’s campaign if he doesn’t move thru with building the project. Hmm, it looks like Ghost has an interest in Ramona Garrity. Tasha realized without Ghost in her orbit anymore, she needs to get a job. Tariq, that wannabe thug, is going to learn a big lesson real soon, and I cannot wait to see it happen. Tommy learned that Jason wants him to bust out Alicia from police custody, as did Ghost, and neither were happy with the news. What do I sense? Jason might be another person who meets the Grim Reaper before the season wraps.

Tasha got an idea after seeing her mother watching a ton of kids: open up a daycare center. Tasha was concerned when Tariq unexpectedly popped up in New York City unannounced. Hmm, I think she sensed her son might be up to no good, when she saw him present a stack of money. He lied saying Kannan gave him money that we all know is not true. Ghost and Tasha bickered about her living arrangements, which forced father and son to have a weekend together.

Saxe, you are so wrong about Ghost being responsible for Angela’s murder. How can Ghost and Tasha not see that Tariq is up to his deception yet again? Ghost realized his son knew Tommy was alive and didn’t say a word. He retrieved that secret stash of pills from Raina’s room; hmm, I’m wondering if he realized his actions have consequences. Ghost demanded Joe reveal Alicia’s court location or else. Tommy spilled all the tea to Joe about his quest to free Alicia Jimenez, and if only for a few more seconds Joe’s daughter didn’t retrieve her backpack, he would have all the Intel he needed.

Ghost was getting closer to Ramona, as she dug into his background. Looks like Tariq is getting closer to his new gal pal, as they bonded over the deaths of their siblings. Tate was not happy to see that Rebecca invited Ghost to the soiree. Tasha was not happy that she was being coerced to play house to help Tate’s campaign, and she wanted help with starting her daycare business. Wow, Tommy actually used LaKeisha in his quest to bust Alicia from federal court. She looked pretty nervous America. Alicia’s trial was underway, just as it became clear that something was wrong with Alicia, who became quite ill after drinking a cup of water. Keisha was hidden in that stall, and Ghost spotted her. Tommy’s masterplan to bust Alicia out worked, with his goons acting as paramedics, and Ghost spotted him.

Alicia came face-to-face with Jason, who wanted information, but she refused to comply, and she paid her life for it. Tommy was frustrated to realize that Jason just killed Alicia and played him for a fiddle. I think Jason may have ignited a war, and this will not end well. Ghost was forced to go back to Simon to get money in order to stay afloat. Ghost is playing with the Devil, and I’m concerned how things will pan out. Keisha was adamant that she does not want to work with Tasha in any capacity. So much for the love for these besties.

Dre was relieved to learn that Alicia was dead, but his immunity deal was now off the table. Saxe revealed that he wanted Dre to help him nail Ghost. Man this twisted web, just keeps getting more twisted as the days pass. As I noted, Ghost wanted to partner with Tommy to take out Jason, but his old pal was not willing to play ball. Well at least not right now. Ghost is dangerous when he’s not in the game; imagine how dangerous he will be now that he is BACK IN THE GAME? Until next Sunday “Power” fanatics!