HOLLYWOOD—Like I said, last week’s episode of “Power” was not as riveting as episode five, but this week’s episode, ‘Like Father, Like Son’ made it clear that Tariq is sure traveling down a dark path. Things opened with Ghost placing a gun to Tariq’s head asking him while he left the backdoor to the penthouse unlocked. At last, I’m so glad that Ghost is not messing around with his son; it’s time to be the parent and not the friend, and I think Ghost is scaring his son for a change.

Why Tariq won’t tell his father that Tommy was trying to kill Joe Proctor and not him, and I don’t understand, but perhaps seeing the remnants of Tommy’s rage in the penthouse would scare Tariq, but he still puffed his chest out, even after his father robbed him of the money he earned. This is the Ghost I’ve been dying to see. Tommy and Keisha chatted about their predicament involving Joe, Ghost and Tariq. Keisha asked Tommy to turn his back on Tariq, but Tommy being Tommy is loyal to a fault, and refused.

Tasha was blown away by Tariq’s latest behavior. Ghost yeah, your son is a hustler, and Tasha seeing it better than you do, like what the hell? Really, Keisha you’re throwing your stature around like a power player, and it’s about to cause ripples with the guys in Tommy’s organization. 2-Bit was having none of it, and I think Keisha has made an enemy she can’t afford. Tate was busted with his pants down by Derrick getting busy with his wife, Cassandra.

Keisha made it clear that Tariq’s presence was not wanted, but she pinpointed that Tariq was the one who took those pills from Tommy’s warehouse, just as Tasha busted him red-handed paying his father’s enemy a visit. The United States Attorney’s Office was putting pieces to the puzzle involving Joe Proctor’s death, and it looks like Saxe might have a target on his back, and his new pal Sgt. Rodriguez. Ramona had a chat with Rashad about him sleeping with Cassandra. Ghost and Dre chatted just as he regained custody of his daughter. Ghost was concerned that Derrick might spill information, which means he might have to prevent someone from talking.

Keisha alerted Tommy that products were missing from the warehouse, and she divulged that it was Tariq who was stealing product. Keisha hit it right on the nail, but Tommy refused to believe any of it. Wow, Keisha is the smartest person on the episode; how the hell does this kid have so many people fooled? Tariq asked Dre for product, but he refused to travel down that path. Making threats Tariq is not a good idea, but after a few jabs, Dre provided Tariq with some product that I’m certain will get him in trouble.

Alicia Marie alerted the authorities that her unicorn was missing, which rung major bells for Sgt. Rodriguez. Ghost considered taking out Derrick, but Ghost tried to reason with Tate’s enemy for his own leverage. Rodriguez found that unicorn in Saxe’s desk and discovered that recording; hmm could Saxe finally meet his maker? Tasha and James worked hard to get Tariq accepted at a new school, unaware that their son is still trying to deal drugs.

Tasha forced Tariq to admit to his father that he went to visit Tommy and that Keisha knows he stole the product. Ramona forced Cassandra to go public with her relationship with Tate, but Cassandra didn’t realize she’s messing around with a master manipulator. Ghost paid Keisha an offer to eliminate her from the drug game; he’s not lying, she’s not cut out for this industry. In so many words that was a veiled threat America. Saxe alerted Dre that he would be required to wear a tether, if he didn’t cooperate. We all know Tommy murdered Maria Suarez, and Dre just can’t get out of the game.

Ghost alerted Jason that he has a connect that could take over for him, just as Tommy was forced to chat with 2-Bit, but Spank was trying to reason with his boss. Spank was talking all truth. 2-Bit and Spank were dropped from Tommy’s crew. Hmm, Keisha might be Tommy’s downfall people. Tate proposed a union with Ramona, but she laughed in his face. Ghost dropped a bomb on Ramona and Rashad that Derrick is back on the campaign trail, and Tate did not look happy to say the least.

Spank and 2-Bit chatted about the notion of potentially targeting Ghost, but pics of Dre and Ghost caused the duo to think of another plan. Tommy asked Tariq if he stole product form his warehouse and he did not lie for once! Tommy scared Tariq senseless by holding his body over a roof to scare some sense into this kid; I was living for it!

Spank and 2-Bit are planning to ‘scare’ Keisha, and it will indeed backfire on them. Up, Tariq just lost his connection with Tommy people. Keisha was accosted by 2-Bit and Spank’s goon, and when he attacked her, she fought back by fatally shooting him. Wow, Spank and 2-Bit kidnapped Dre, and he spilled that he is playing Ghost. Tommy learned that Ghost plans on using Dre to work for Jason.

Keisha informed Tommy that Ghost sent a thug to knock her off, but she was concerned about the drawback. Tommy made it clear to her that she cannot pick and choose when she wants to work in the drug game. However, Ghost didn’t try to kill you Keisha and it was Tommy’s goons. Tommy interrupted Ghost and Jason’s meeting, and a war of words erupted. Jason forced Tommy and Ghost to work together or else. This is messy, and neither of these two are happy about the predicament.

Dre managed to sever his ropes, and kill Tommy’s top guy before escaping. Saxe found himself in hot water as his new boss played the recording to utilize Proctor and covered up his murder. Looks like you’re busted Cooper and its long overdue. Tommy revealed that he is aware that Ghost tried to put a hit out on Keisha, but he informed his pal that he did not such thing. As I predicted, Tommy and Ghost are going to work together to eliminate Jason.

Keisha got her house in the suburbs, but I can sense danger coming in her direction sooner than later. Tasha had an honest conversation with Tariq about what he plans to do with his life. Wow, Tasha revealed that Tariq set-up his kidnapping with Vincent. She was revealing to teach her son how to be the hustler that his father is. Talk about bad parenting, I fear the St. Patrick clan is about to lose another child or a major player before the season culminates. Until next Sunday “Power” fanatics!