UNITED STATES—Why is it some people work more than others? Is it some people just don’t have the drive when it comes to work? Is it that some people aren’t motivated to do anything, but the bare minimum? Why do we have so many Americans who are not willing to take the steps needed to deliver when it counts most? I think it all boils down to two things 1) Money 2) Care.

Now that second one might leave you a bit baffled because you don’t fully understand what that means. Care, I think matters much more than what people are willing to acknowledge. Do you care about your job? Do you care about your co-workers? Do you care about the work that you perform? So many people don’t and not ONLY does it reflect in their work, but it impacts the work of their co-workers. There are so many co-workers who are directly impacted by the care-free attitude about things. I mean I had a co-worker who passed an email to one person, who then passed that email to another and completely acted as if the email had no bearing.

This is a potential client; why would you would just place them at the waist-side and not aim to get the answer to a potential client’s question. That is just lazy, annoying and baffles my mind in ways that I cannot explain. Nothing annoys me more than when I have to deal with what I call stupid or lazy co-workers. Why? It impacts my workload more than you know. You failing to do your job, directly impacts my job and everyone else who works for the company. When interviewing people for jobs, it is not a bad idea for employers to dig deep and ask those tough questions.

Place the potential candidate in a dicey situation to see how they respond. Listen to those answers because they will say a lot more than what you think. On top of that call people out on their antics. Stop sitting around and just dawdling with your thumbs; get to work already! I’m a no nonsense type of guy; I will call people out on their antics because it makes it clear such behavior or actions will NOT be tolerated. If you allow bad behavior in the workplace it continues to fester until it gets to a point, where it’s impossible to correct the issue.

Let’s talk about money. It seems nowadays so many people want to be paid big bucks to do absolutely nothing and I am so over it. You don’t deserve $20 to $30 an hour, when you cannot follow simple instructions. At first I used to think it was just some people being stupid, but I’ve learned it’s just them milking the clock. Hey, I see what you are attempting to do, and you need to realize you will not get away with it forever. If you have a job and you get paid to do that job, do the DAMN JOB!

If you don’t like the job quit, don’t sit and think you’ll just keep a job and you don’t have to do what is expected and maintain a job. You do not have that right, if you don’t care about the JOB, why are you still there? Go find something that you care about, go find something that brings you joy and forces your energy to catapult. This is distinctly geared to individuals who live in this orbit of wanting to be paid for doing nothing. Hey, I’m screaming to you right now: when you do that you hurt more people than you think. So ask yourself the question: do you care about other people or only yourself?

Written By Zoe Mitchell