UNITED STATES─It is so hard to believe that so many companies are taking advantage of consumers during these difficult and trying times in our country. A vast majority of businesses are closed, but there are plenty that are still open. When you venture inside those establishments, the ones that still allow the public to enter; it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. Many have empty shelves, with limited items in stock. With that said, I’ve noticed something that has truly annoyed me: price gouging.

Now, when most people think of price gouging we think of gas stations. However, those companies are dealing with the biggest brunt of all. Gas prices are so low, I cannot recall the last time I’ve seen anything like this people. I mean gas at about $1.00 a gallon, I’ve even seem gas at some clue warehouses where it’s under $1.00 a gallon. Yes, can you imagine going to the pump and putting $10 on pump 10? Those are glorious times.

However, I’m seeing retailer’s price gouge consumers and it’s sickening, disheartening and just got damn shameful. I mean really, you’re charging $8.00 for a gallon of bleach? You know bleach does not cost that much, and for retailers to charge such amounts for an item that is limited in stock and that people need is just baffling. I saw this purposely happen at a retailer that I frequent, where after complaining out loud to store staff, the following week the price significantly dropped by $3.00.

Look, you’re still open for business right now, it’s unfathomable that you would charge such an amount for a product to try to earn a buck, but screw the consumer over in the process. People are hurting right now. So many Americans don’t have income right now, and the minor income they have it needs to stretch for them as much as possible. How can retailers even sleep at night knowing they are price gouging to earn a buck? I get we live in a country where capitalism rules all. All people seem to think about is money. How to make it? How to make more of it? How to spend the least amount possible and what can be done to remedy the problem.

I mean toilet tissue and paper towel, in addition to hand sanitizer and cleaning products are very difficult to find. I saw a farmers market that is NOT KNOWN for selling anything, but food to be honest, selling tissue at $10 a pack. It turned my stomach, because I was just at another retailer, where the same pack of tissue was half the price. People are doing some vile and disgusting things to bring in revenue and it shows a lack of integrity for businesses.

If you can take hard-earned money from people in a time where it is needed most, sleep at night and not have any qualms about what you’ve done, you’re a sad individual. It always makes me hope these companies receive some sort of karma or comeuppance for their behavior. I’m a firm believer that what is done in the dark always comes to light, so for you price gougers out there be warned you’re being watched even though you think you aren’t.