HOLLYWOOD—The second season of the hit OWN series “Queen Sugar” was full of unexpected twist and surprises along the way. Not only did the audience witness Micah deal with the emotional stress of being racially profiled, threatened and jail, Ralph Angel learned that Blue may not be his son, Remy and Charley saw another rift in their relationship, and it looked like the writers were directing a new relationship between Nova and Remy. Yeah, that will be a dicey situation if Charley discovers what her sister has been up to.

I have been waiting for answers to questions that were left lingering from last season. The third season kicked off with a two-night premiere to unpack all the drama. The first night’s episode, ‘A Rock, A River, A Tree’ saw Charley and Micah getting adjusted to their new home, just as Nova was overwhelmed with the prospect of having her own book deal. It was a major decision for Nova to contemplate and she was not ready to deliver a decision right away.

Blue is inquisitive and realized that things were fractured between his ‘father’ and his mother. Charley is indeed playing with fire when it comes to the Landry clan. Sam wanted to play hardball, which prompted the wise Bordelon to not back down from her requests. While Nova doubted the book deal, Violet and Charley reassured her to not be afraid to take an opportunity when presented to her. Charley’s intentions became very clear, she is going to take her enemy down from the inside; smart, but dangerous at the same time.

It looks like Charley has many targets in hindsight, starting with the cop who threatened her son and placed a gun in his throat. It would be nice to see a bit of redemption considering how touchy the issue of police brutality has become in American culture. Who knew a game of basketball could cause so much drama, and it was almost like I was watching a moment of American culture right in front of my eyes with the issue of kneeling and the National Anthem. That moment really resonated with me, and it was tackled in a way that was conflicting not just for those for the protests, but for those against it and those who are caught in the middle. That was incredibly smart writing that left me as a viewer, rattled, and I don’t say that often America.

There is some major tension between Charley and Remy; the guy seems to have closed the door on the potential of a relationship, while, Charley wants to play hard to get. However, Charley should be more concerned about Jacob Landry who seems to have a lingering attraction to the wise Bordelon and that concerns me greatly. Even Remy can spot the danger lurking behind the scenes. Charley found more video footage capturing that dirty cop up to no good and it horrified her to witness what she watched. Ok, this third season of “Queen Sugar” is clicking on cylinders left and right and not afraid to tackle some heavy subject matter.

Man was that a difficult moment to watch Ralph Angel receive the results of that DNA test. His reaction alone seemed to confirm that Blue is not his son, but as a viewer I’d actually like to receive 100 percent confirmation of the matter and not have that lingering doubt that something may or may not be. I may have received my answer with those final moments between Ralph Angel and his lady pal. Violet realized her pies were a major hit and she was on the verge of taking her independent business to new heights. As I stated before Charley has her hands in many cookie jars, and Micah asking to switch from private school to public school only added to her stress.

Yeah, at first I thought Jacob was hoping to woo Charley, but it’s apparent he actually has a ‘thing’ for her. I love that the bond between Charley and Ralph Angel has strengthen as the series has progressed. They might fight like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day, they are blood and that bonds them deeper than they can imagine. Ralph Angel questioned being the father of a son, that isn’t actually his son, but his sister assured him, he has all the skills to mentor Blue to be a great man. The suitors are spilling over for Charley, first Davis, then Remy, now Jacob and then this new guy who helped a damsel in distress.

Watching that moment of Blue and Ralph Angel bond was so heartbreaking as a viewer. Charley got some dirt on the Landry clan that left her shocked: the family is tight on money. What was expected to be a celebratory moment for Aunt Vi became a bit controversial as she discovered her pies were not in the display that she was promised at the supermarket. Wow, I never expected Nova to deliver her letter of resignation to the newspaper that helped craft her career. Out with the old and in with the new. When opportunities present themselves you have to take advantage of them. I will admit it took me a moment to get invested in “Queen Sugar,” but now that I am, it’s a must see show for me. “Queen Sugar” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on OWN.