HOLLYWOOD—After seven seasons, it all came to an end this week on the OWN series “Queen Sugar.” The finale episode, titled, ‘For They Existed’ was all about celebrating as it was announced that Hollywood is now a member of Saint Joseph’s School Board. Love was also in the air for Darla, Ralph Angel, Hollywood and Violet.

However, as for Nova she reunited with Calvin, just as I expected, those two are destined to be together people. Nova seemed to have a bit of guilt after reuniting with Calvin after she learned what he did in the past and wanted him out within a matter of minutes after realizing she made a mistake. Talk about harsh people. Blue had a conversation with Ralph Angel about difficulty fitting in at school, and as I suspected Ralph Angel planned to tell Blue about his real father against Darla’s wishes.

He explained to his son that Darla went to school with his father. Blue took the news in good stride and I think that unexpectedly surprised Ralph Angel. Micah had a war of words with Violet about being there for Charley during her massive political moment. Mother and son are not in the best place right now, and Micah tried to explain to her nephew he needed to be there for her mother even if they weren’t in the best place. Prosper and Hollywood paid a visit to Jacob Landry’s sugar cane winery to pose questions about Sam’s bid to retain his land.

To their surprise, they discovered he severed ties with his family to keep himself an honest man. Aunt Vi was a bit stressed about how busy her establishment has become. A face from the past returned to Saint Joseph and it was a face from like season one people, one who was entangled with Charley once, Remy. Too bad, Remy is now married with a wife and kids. Calvin wanted clarity on his relationship with Nova, who was stuck in a fog.

Darla had a conversation with Ralph Angel about telling Blue about his biological father. To say she was livid was an understatement. Ralph Angel presented his argument and he had valid points people. Ok, I’m worried for Darla and Ralph Angel’s marriage, but that was nothing compared to the bomb that revealed Charley lost her bid for Congress which devastated her family and friends. Yeah, Darla did take some time away from Ralph Angel as a result of his latest stunt people.

Damn for this to be a series finale, I’m more depressed than happy. The audience got a flashback to Prosper spending time with his bestie, Nova, Ralph Angel and Darla’s father who discussed his aspirations for his children and his land. Prosper provided Ralph Angel with some sound advice to fight for his wife and his family and to stop being stubborn. Micah showed tremendous growth and what it means to be an adult by apologizing to his Aunt Vi for his behavior, as Hollywood and Vi got good news about adopting a small girl who is in need of a stable family.

Ralph Angel went to Washington D.C. where he poured out his heart to Darla making it clear how he truly felt and what she means to him. It was a bittersweet, but powerful moment. The auction was underway in Saint Joseph for Sam’s land that actually belonged to the Bordelon family, as Sam did his best to get under his rivals skin, and it looked like he was about to win it all, but Remy came to the rescue, and a bid of $1 million came to the floor thanks to Remy, where Sam’s people were NOT able counter, however, Jacob came to bid $1.1 million to keep the land in the family, but rather he meant Sam or the Bordelon clan is up for debate.

Well this is a sight that surprised me; Charley Bordelon is back in the flesh and reunited with Micah, just as Violet and Hollywood welcome their new adoptee to the home. Micah gave some sound advice to his mother to not give up even though she got knocked down. She was happy to see her son; she was happy to bond with him. Calvin helped Nova as she finally decided to dig more into her mother Trudie’s past, which led to Nova and Calvin coming to an agreement on where their relationship stands.

Sam was pleased to realize his nephew stood by the family in repurchasing the land, but Sam was dealt a blow when he discovered that the land was purchased as a way to get back at his uncle by giving the land back to the Bordelon family. The villain has finally been dethroned people and it was a long time coming, and Jacob revealed that he received a call from Charley who convinced them of an epic plan to ensure the funds delivered the blow Sam never saw coming people. A powerful checkmate move Sam Landry didn’t see coming a million miles away.

Nova and Calvin are living happily people, with baby in tow, oh, I didn’t see that one. Charley and Davis were happy, Micah got acclimated with his new job in New York, Violet, Hollywood and their new daughter, were making their home a happy place. Ralph Angel, Darla and Blue were living their life on the farm land that he should have lived on. I will admit the first half of this finale had me depressed, but the second half more than improved upon things delivering a satisfying end for the audience after delivering exceptional, gripping, powerful drama season after season. It has indeed been a treat “Queen Sugar” lovers!