HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Oval” ended on a cliffhanger with Kyle confronting Dale and Allan. This week’s episode, ‘It’s Over’ made it clear that Dale was NOT willing to give Kyle an ounce of truth. Allan came face-to-face with Kyle, who issued threats. I have no clue why so many people are petrified of Kyle who is nothing, but a lackey people.

Donald and Victoria had a conversation where she called him out on his sexuality, and Donald seemed to be happy with this new Lily who was NOT afraid to speak her mind. Lily spilled that Donald tried to kill her to Victoria. Victoria did not like that Lily was digging into her secrets.

Donald attempted to puff his chest, which was something that annoyed the Queen as she likes to call herself people. Bobby and Max stopped by Richard’s place to talk to Sharon, as Jody, the nosy neighbor poked her nose where it did NOT belong. They learned from Jody that Hunter had stopped by the place earlier in the day and they realized it was Alonzo who was helping Hunter with his late night shenanigans.

Bobby and Max shared their proposal to Richard, who was a bit hesitant at first, and Sharon was taken aback with their plan to utilize her as bait to bring down Hunter and the corrupt administration. They wanted Sharon to record her conversation. She had reservations, but Bobby and Max reassured her they would be looking out for her throughout the entire plan. Sharon was extremely nervous and refused to partake in the masterplan.

Alonzo found himself being questioned by Donald and Victoria about what he was doing with Hunter. Donald thinks he’s the power player, but Victoria made the move to utilize Alonzo to get information on Hunter. Dale confessed to Kareem that Allan was kidnapped by Kyle, which prompted Kareem to realize that Allan is in serious danger, but he had firepower at his fingertips if needed, that Dale proved he knows how to use it better than anyone else.

Kareem spoke to Sharon and expressed his desire to protect her at all costs. Sharon alluded to a secret that Kareem wanted more details on. Donald learned from Hunter that he is NOT one to be toyed with and not to withhold lies from him and where his allegiance stands. It was clear Hunter realized Donald’s loyalty was with Victoria. Even Hunter knows Donald isn’t sleeping with Lily. Hunter might be dumb, but he’s not stupid. Victoria pleaded her case to Hunter and how they have it all; but he had an Ace in the Hole realizing that Jason is very much alive.

Allan posed questions about why the Chief of Staff wanted to see him and Kyle was keeping secrets per usual. Allan does not beat around the bush at all people, and Kyle is playing dummy! Ok is this confirmation going anywhere people. Kyle admitted that he and Donald are in a relationship and the jealous gene absolutely came out. Kyle did not realize that Allan is a bit out there, and it became clear that Allan was ready for chaos as he grabbed hold to the wheel causing a crash.

Next week, Simone starts to question Eli, Nancy coerces Sharon to think about the plan and Jason FINALLY realizes he is the key to taking down his parents and their administration. Ok, next week on “The Oval” looks fun.