SAN FRANCISCO—U.S. electronics chain RadioShack Corp announced on Monday, March 13 that 11 stores are set to close in the Bay Area, including the location on 300 Pine Street in San Francisco.

Around 187 out of the company’s 2,000 stores are set to close immediately. The company said it will try to “preserve as many jobs as possible.”

The announcement came in the wake of RadioShack filing for bankruptcy on March 8. This is the second time in as many years that the retailer has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In an attempt to remain competitive, the brand launched a partnership with Sprint that has proven unsuccessful. Sprint announced it will turn “several hundred” of the remaining RadioShack locations into Sprint-only stores, and that employees at joint stores may transfer to another Sprint store.

Other closures in the Bay Area include:
-Oakland at 4230 Park Boulevard; 2200 MacArthur Boulevard
-San Rafael at 1340 4th Street
-San Leandro at 1353 Washington Avenue
-San Leandro at 15100 Hesperian Boulevard
-Lafayette at 3573 Mount Diablo Boulevard
-San Mateo at 43 East 4th Avenue
-Castro Valley at 20566 Redwood Road
-Hayward at 24901 Santa Clara Street
-Martinez at Village Oaks Shop Center, 1155 Arnold Drive

Following the 2015 Chapter 11 filing, RadioShack was acquired by General Wireless Operations Inc., an affiliate of hedge fund Standard General LP. RadioShack was founded in Boston in 1921 and has not turned a profit since 2011.