HOLLYWOOD—It was apparent last week that Rick and Michonne are certain in their plan to take out Negan and The Saviors, but this week, surprises were in store on “The Walking Dead.” This week’s episode, ‘Bury Me Here’ saw King Ezekiel and members of The Kingdom grapple with a terrible loss. Morgan continued to prove that he is a master teacher, even to those not yet ready for combat. Carol decided to vacate her tiny home to travel back to The Kingdom to have a conversation with Morgan about the status of The Saviors.

It was apparent Carol knew that Daryl was not telling the truth, and headed back to Alexandria to learn just what really is going on. In the midst of her travels, she was being followed. King Ezekiel was placed in a peculiar predicament as it appeared that their next delivery for The Saviors will be lighter than expected because of agricultural issues. Nature can be funny in ways people. Ezekiel and the others saw their little road trip halted by a barricade in the middle of the road. However, that was only the beginning of their problems as they found themselves at an empty grave, hence this week’s episode title.

The Saviors were eagerly waiting for their drop, but per usual their authoritative tactics proved annoying, and the fight for guns ensued. Ezekiel wanted Morgan’s stick back, but once again The Saviors wielded their prowess. It looked like a death was about to transpire, but not for the person that we all expected. Seeing Benjamin get shot was devastating; you could see the rage on Ezekiel’s face, just as Carol witnessed a sight that she hoped to never see again.

Man this was a gut-wrenching moment as that kid took his last breathe, in the mist of knowing that his brother back at home won’t see him ever again. Morgan was full of rage, Ezekiel was full of rage, it was apparent, this was the moment that pushed Morgan and Ezekiel over the edge. Seeing Richard break-down in front of Morgan was a riveting scene to say the least.

Carol (Melissa McBride) learned the harsh truth about Negan, Alexandria and The Saviors in this week's episode.
Carol (Melissa McBride) learned the harsh truth about Negan, Alexandria and The Saviors in this week’s episode.

It was apparent that Benjamin’s death took an emotional toll on Ezekiel and Morgan. The Kingdom decided to deliver the one freaking melon to The Saviors that left a man dead. Wow, some members of The Saviors do indeed have a bit of compassion. However, Morgan went into a violent frenzy as it became apparent he was well aware that Richard was responsible for that missing melon and the roadblock. And Morgan snapped, he snapped and violently killed him in a death that was not seen on camera. That might be for the best for once.

This was such a conflicted moment; at one end you’re rooting for Morgan who finally crossed over to the dark side, but at the same time it makes the enemy suspect all is good. I do sincerely believe this was Morgan’s ruse and what irony, to see Morgan actually bury Richard in the grave that he initially dug up to cause conflict.

Jeez, the final moments of this episode was unbelievable; Morgan revealed to Carol that Abraham, Glenn, Spencer and Olivia are all dead, casualties of Negan. Morgan has officially grown a conscious! He’s ready to battle to survive, but Carol wanted to halt him from traveling down such a dark path. She returned to The Kingdom, warning Ezekiel that she is ready to right and it’s time to prepare for battle that will change lives forever. Wow, this was a loaded episode, one that really struck me at the core with a range of emotions.

Only three more episodes left for the season, and next week it looks like The Saviors are headed to The Hilltop and the ruse continues. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!