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Reporter Pepper-Sprayed In Golden Gate Park Robbery

27 year old shot near Oakland school.

SAN FRANCISCO—A KPIX reporter and their guards were pepper sprayed at Golden Gate Park on Wednesday, April 7.

The victims were immobilized after being approached by a suspect and were sprayed with a chemical identified by the authorities as pepper spray. The suspect proceeded to grab the video camera and headed in the direction towards a Chevrolet SS, which was being driven by another suspect, authorities stated.

As the suspect was trying to get away, he dropped the camera and escaped the scene. KPIX announced that the guard was chased by the suspect who took the camera and was hit by the getaway driver’s vehicle.

The incident occurred by Stow Lake Boathouse at approximately 1:18 p.m. where the police and the paramedics arrived and where the victims received medical assistance for  minor injuries.

The victims have not been identified, a similar incident transpired at Twin Peaks in San Francisco where it is said to be the same reporter.

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