SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, August 16, a resident died in a house fire on 1160 Fitzgerald Avenue in the Bayview District located in San Francisco.

Around 5:57 p.m., there was footage of smoke rising from a townhouse being posted on the Citizen app from people around the region.

In a video tweeted by the San Francisco Fire Department, Public Information Officer, Lt. Jonathan Baxter stated:

“This fire came in at 5:43 this afternoon with reports of an individual trapped through the rear of this three story single family residential structure. San Francisco Fire arrived on scene within three minutes of the initial call and started an aggressive search for the home owner who was reportedly trapped in the rear of this building. We are saddened to have to report that at this time this fire is a fatality fire.”

There were no further injuries and no other buildings damaged by the fire.

San Francisco Fire Department investigators are actively looking into the incident. The San Francisco Fire Department remained on scene for an undetermined amount of time to continue this investigation and they requested for the public to avoid the area.

Baxter sent the San Francisco News an email stating:

“Please see our twitter account which has written and verbal description of incident.@sffdpio.”