SAN FRANCISCO—On Saturday, August 15, a police chase involving suspects of an armed robbery in San Francisco ended up in a fatal crash where one person was killed and several others were injured. 

At 7:33 p.m., officers attempted to stop a wanted vehicle that they believe was involved in an East Bay armed robbery. Officer Robert Rueca from the San Francisco Police Department told ABC 7 SF, the vehicle failed to surrender and officials started a pursuit on the highway. They followed the suspects to the streets of Ingleside District where they lost sight of them. 

Ten minutes later, the SFPD responded to reports of a car crash at the intersection of Geneva Avenue and Prague Street and they found out the wanted vehicle was involved in the collision.  

There were multiple individuals injured in the crash and they were taken to the hospital. One of the people who was in a bystander vehicle died due to injuries sustained from the collision. 

A male driver and two young women were arrested after authorities police conducted an investigation on the case.

Officials have not released further details about the incident.