HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe the two breakout shows of the 2017/2018 TV season happened to be medical dramas, but wow, did these shows take the medical arena in an unexpected direction. Why? I adore ABC’s “The Good Doctor” because its concept is so original, but right now I have been the biggest advocate for the FOX series “The Resident.” Why? This show takes the medical field and turns it on its head and is not apologetic about it.

Some of you might be looking at me crazy, but I know for a fact some of the things depicted on the show have actually transpired in real life, not only from my personal experience, but people I know. We all like to believe that phrase with doctors, ‘Do no harm,’ but that is not always the case. Emily VanCamp is sensational in the role as Nicolette Nevin. VanCamp brings such a vulnerability and strength to a character desperate to uncover the truth. We all know nurses are the heart of the medical arena and to see a show actually highlight that is great.

These past few episodes have really ramped up the madness at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. I mean Claire Thorpe, CEO at the hospital was fired after Dr. Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood) and Dr. Lane Hunter (Melina Kanakeredes) conspired. I mean it’s always good to see a strong villain on a TV show, but when you have two villains like Hunter and Bell it just makes the story that much more riveting. With Bell as CEO, he is puffing his chest, even though he is responsible for the death of many patients. Kanakeredes is phenomenal in the role; she has subtle villainy that is just downright scary, and watching this battle unfold between Nic and Lane the entire season was fabulous.

‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ without a doubt delivered on so many fronts. The episode kicked-off with Mina (Shaunette Renee Wilson) getting busy with Micah, a patient at the hospital who recently had a heart transplant. Yes, it put Mina in a predicament where she found herself being guided by her heart and going to the esteemed visiting surgeon portrayed by Malcolm Jamal Warner. While that was only one angle of the episode, the other focused on a bit of history about Conrad (Matt Czuchry) and his familial ties. With Nic in desperate need, Conrad made a call to a man who he never planned to ask for help from: his father! Yeah, I’m certain I’ve seen that guy on Chastain’s Board of Trustees in a previous episode or so. More on him later.

So with “The Resident” getting renewed for a second season, I’m hoping we get a bit more info about Conrad and his dad’s past. It doesn’t seem strained, but something major transpired for these two to have minimal communication. The good news is dear ole dad came thru posting Nic’s bail. Devon (Manish Dayal), who I thought was going to be the main focal point at the start of the season, delivered more Intel to Conrad and Nic about Lane and her recommendations for unwanted treatment to patients who aren’t actually ill. This is stunning, but it does not shock me when you see such things transpire in the real-world. It really happens America, even if you suspect it doesn’t. I was stunned to see Bell appeared dumbfounded that his secret lover could be culpable in medical fraud, but with Nic, Conrad and Devon contacting the FBI, it without a doubt scared him to the core. I love that saying, “You can be on top Monday, and fall to the bottom on Tuesday.”

Lane absolutely cracked when Randolph questioned her about her antics and it became clear she was frazzled; interesting dynamic because Lane covered up Bell’s secrets and he gave her a tip to get rid of her files ASAP otherwise she is toast. Devon was able to convince his patient to spill the tea on Dr. Lane to a reporter to back up their claim. It became very clear as the episode progressed that Mina was indeed falling, if not already in love with Micah. Mina found herself in a sticky situation as she was afraid to operate on Micah out of fear that she might slip up.

After being confronted in the OR, Mina was able to successfully stitch Micah back, but I swear for a moment I was on the edge of my seat thinking that Micah just died on the operating table. Lane was frantic to retrieve all those medical files that could implement her dirty dealings. For a moment, I expected Dr. Lane might get away with murder, but the FBI busted her with those filings as she exited the facility. Whoa, that was a shocking twist to say the least, the person who tipped the FBI was Bell himself! So is Dr. Death not as bad as we suspect or was this all an aim to protect himself? It’s questionable, but Bell couldn’t have forgotten that Lane has some damaging Intel on him.

It was indeed a moment watching Conrad, Nic and Devon realize that Bell was just aiming to make himself appear like the hero in Lane’s capture. While I feel Melina Kanakeredes arc was short, it was one hell of an arc that was captivating to watch from start to finish. However, we were delivered one hell of a cliffhanger in the final moments; Marshall Winthrop is Bell’s new boss, the same guy the audience was introduced in the beginning as Conrad’s father! Oh, that was a fun twist, and I cannot wait until we delve into the history of these two guys because it’s apparent it’s chaotic to say the least. “The Resident” has been the one surprise of the TV season I never expected, and man has it been a thrill-a-minute to watch. It’s seriously the best show on TV and I cannot wait till season two!