SAN FRANCISCO—At Pier 2, the waterfront seafood restaurant, Sinbad’s is not budging on demands by the Port of San Francisco to close their doors. Owned and operated by brothers Tom, Duane, and Charles Stinson since the 1980s, the 2012 announcement that Sinbad’s would be shutting down in December 2014, broke the hearts of San Franciscans.

Sinbad’s remained open and received an extension to vacate until late March 2015. The restaurant did not close in March, and was given a 30-day-eviction notice, which the restaurant failed to adhere to. The port needs the property the restaurant sits on to build a new ferry terminal, but the owners are refusing to close until demolition begins.
Sinbad’s is “willfully trespassing on Port property,” stated by Monique Moyer, SF Port Executive Director. At the moment, the restaurant will remain open until further action is taken by the Port and City of San Francisco.