HOLLYWOOD—Bill Spencer said it best to Brooke Logan on “The Bold and the Beautiful:” Ridge will never be the man you need him to be. Well, Ridge proved it yet again this week after spending the night with Shauna Fulton. Yes, I know that is the big juicy news of the week, but there are other things we must discuss first. Rarely, do I throw my hat into the ring when it comes to Daytime Emmy predictions, but Matthew Atkinson should be heavily considered in the Supporting Actor race. He has delivered on epic front in the previous week.

I mean those scenes he displayed as Thomas while confessing to Ridge in the role of Emma’s demise and his role in the baby swap was stunning. That is a testament to fine acting, when you have the viewer emotionally connect with the character. Add that on top of his riveting scenes with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as she tore into him about his deception. I did not love what Wood delivered, it was not as raw as I’ve seen from the actress in the past. However, she did deliver some fantastic scenes as her character confronted Flo Fulton about her deception.

Seeing that raw emotion from an actor or actress is a fantastic thing to watch. If you are asking me right now, “B&B” is doing well at tugging at the viewer’s emotions right now. Characters that you hate, you start to sympathize with, and those you always sympathize with you start to despise. Back to the tale of the hour, Ridge found himself being interrogated by Detective Sanchez about Thomas potential role in Emma’s death and we got a bombshell. Ridge learned that allowing Flo to go free would protect his son in the process. Shauna overheard and pleaded and I mean pleaded with Ridge to show mercy on her daughter.

It’s a dicey situation, but Ridge loves his kids to the core and will do anything for them, even ensuring they don’t go to jail for a crime they committed. This did not bode well with Brooke or Bill. Bill already made threats to ensure Thomas paid for putting his son and family thru utter turmoil. When Dollar Bill makes a threat, he always follows through on it. Brooke couldn’t fathom what Ridge did and they got into an epic fight that led to Ridge’s tryst with the last woman he ever planned to sleep with: Shauna!

Brooke really wanted justice for her daughter and Liam, and Ridge has found a way to weasel his son and Flo out of facing the consequences for their actions. These two always find a way to come back to one another, this time I’m not so certain that will transpire. Brooke didn’t want Thomas in her home and the kicker was her reveal to Ridge that she planned to do all in her power to prevent Thomas from seeing Douglas. That sent Ridge into a rage as he stormed out the house and ended up drowning his sorrows away. Not a good idea.

Shauna might be happy with the development, but this just adds another checkmark why Brooke and the rest of the Logan family will never accept Flo or Shauna after the Beth debacle. If she thought Brooke, Katie and Donna hated her before this will totally heighten their level of hatred for mother and daughter. Shauna is only making things worse for herself and her daughter, back away for the time being.