SAN FRANCISCO—Some Safeway stores in the Bay Area are implementing a “one way” aisle rule to ensure six feet distance between customers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many businesses are creating new rules to abide by the nations social distancing mandates. Some stores will only allow a specific number of people inside the establishment to shop.  Customers are reminded to stay two cart lengths away from others while shopping.

A Safeway store spokesperson told ABC7 News that all Bay Area locations are being cautious by following the new aisle rule. Not all locations are not following the store’s safety measure. 

“Everyone is kind of going in their own direction here,”  a San Francisco Safeway worker said.

All check stands have a Plexiglas barrier that is in place to keep a distance between customers and check-out clerks. 

Sanitizer and cleaning wipes are available by each entrance to practice proper hygiene for customers and to clean carts.