San Francisco 38-Year-Old Dessert Café Will Be Sold

Photo by Heather Barnes via Unsplash. com

SAN FRANCISCO- On Wednesday, June 3, the owner of Toy Boat Dessert Café announced the business will be sold via Instagram. The announcement was also posted on the storefront window with the co-owner, Jesse Fink’s signature.

Toy Boat Dessert Café is a family-owned, ice cream, deli and coffee shop located on Clement Street, Inner Richmond, in San Francisco. The business was founded by Jesse and Roberta Fink in 1982. A few years later, they got married and started their family.

On Yelp, the average rating for its 673 reviews is 4-star (out of five). Toy Boat Dessert Café is not only known for its sundaes and sandwiches, but also the décor. A number of toys from all ages were dispalyed on the shelves and walls in the shop.

“People walk in whether they’re 15 years old or 50 years old, they see something that they identify with from their childhood,” said Jesse during an interview in 2017.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the business has been closed since the mid of March. They were planning on reopening in June before the decision of selling the business made.

According to the announcement, Jesse Fink didn’t tell what made him decide to sell the shop. He shared the stories that happened in the shop and gave thanks to all Toy Boat Dessert Café’s employees and customers. As Fink described, the time of serving at Toy Boat was joyful.

“It is our hope that someone full of vigor and vim will take over Toy Boat, and keep The Boat afloat for many years to come. My family and I thank you all for 38 years of business and friendship. See you on Clement Street!” the announcement read.