SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco is not unfamiliar with their home-teams excelling in championships; the San Francisco Giants of the National Baseball League, have won three World Series in the past five years.

In lieu of team spirit and San Francisco Pride, some extreme fans went overboard at those victories; rioting and vandalizing city streets and property. Anticipating a win from the Warriors, both San Francisco and Oakland prepared for the chaos that would foreseeably ensue after the winning game.

Police blocked off six blocks of the Mission District, not allowing cars nor pedestrians to cross fully at any intersection. Within those parameters, a street party formed with tortillas, fireworks, and champagne being tossed into the air.
By midnight, the crowds were subdued with very few problems and police action, with the crowds being joyful. San Francisco Airport and the TransAmerica building were lit up in celebration as well.
There will be a parade in Oakland on Friday, June 19 to celebrate the Warriors win.