SAN FRANCISCO—“Community Tech Network,” a nonprofit organization that aims to provide the elderly with digital literacy, has launched the “Home Connect” program. This program will provide vulnerable seniors in San Francisco with free tablets, three months of internet access, and virtual training seminars offered in eight different languages.

Kami Griffiths, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Community Tech Network, has 15 years of experience working in the public sector. Her passion for providing people with digital literacy is derived from her work in the public sector through which she witnessed how low levels of digital literacy correlate with increased levels of poverty.

Community Tech Network’s commitment to “transforming lives through digital literacy,” began in 2008 when it obtained its status as an independent nonprofit organization. The organization was originally a program of “TechSoup,” otherwise known as “CompuMentor,” in 2001.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has reduced access to many social services that the elderly depend on. The Home Connect team will be providing services that will teach seniors how to access their health-care provider, pay their bills, and connect with their family and friends remotely.

In a tweet, Griffiths said, “As a digital inclusion champion we’ve created a network of empathetic trainers who are closing the #DigitalDivide.”