SAN FRANCISCO—Sushi Hashiri, a Japanese restaurant in the SoMa area in San Francisco started installing dining domes to increase customers’ safety on August 5.

Sushi Hashiri announced their new dining experience in Mint Plaza on Facebook. The post is reads, “Starting Wednesday, August, 5th, Hashiri will offer a unique outdoor multi-course dining experience weaving through Kaiseki and Omakase Edomae Nigiri Sushi. Luring you into a world of tradition and refined skills showcasing the finest of the season.”, and introduces the menu including “Kaiseki & Omakase Edomae Sushi dining experience” as well as take out options like the “A5 Wagyu Sukiyaki Kit”, and “Assorted Japanese Confectionery Dessert with Green Tea”.

Sushi Hashiri’s lunch box image on Facebook

KRON4 reported on August 6 that Sushi Hashiri installed three tall, translucent domes at the restaurant’s patio for outdoor dining. “We guide them to their tables,” Kenichiro Matsuura, the manager of the restaurant said in KRON4’s report. “It’s not set at any point until they arrive. It’s very minimal contact.” He also says he wanted to bring a new concept to the city to let the guests feel safe when they eat during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the KRON4’s report. KRON4 also reported each dining dome has windows for airing and they’re cleaned for at least 45 minutes in between the 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. reservations.

“During this unprecedented time, our main concern is your well-being, as well with our staff. We have implemented stringent protocols to put safety first, following all current CDC guidelines.” “We are still offering take-out bento boxes to be enjoyed in your own comfort. Please tune into our Instagram or Facebook @hashirisf to see the weekly updated menu and photos.” Sushi Hashiri states on their website.