SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency are currently accepting applications for a youth board. Teens will have an opportunity to voice concerns about the transit system.

Applicants must be 14-18 years old and reside in the city of San Francisco. No prior occupational experience is needed, but teens with an interest in public policy, social justice, environmental health and related fields are recommended to apply. 

Board members will be selected from each of the congressional districts. Once appointed board members will serve a one-year term. Meetings will be held twice month and $25 will be given to each participant per meeting. Community service will be done based on necessity. 

The program will begin in late February. During the program, members will learn about new policies and procedures and provide feedback. Members will also share their own experiences and advocate for the needs of their peers. 

Applications are due by noon on Monday, January 18. A teen can apply online via the SFMTA website. At the beginning of the application one can view the expectations and qualifications of the position in detail.