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San Francisco Will No Longer Have High-End Dining Domes

Dining Dome By Luxury Launches

SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, August 18, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) has ordered that the dining domes at the Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Hashiri, be modified or removed.

Sushi Hashiri, the Japanese Restaurant located in San Francisco on 4 Mint Plaza was investigated by the DPH on August 13, after a complaint was made.

In a email sent to the San Francisco News, DPH stated:

“The attached inspection report was issued to the restaurant and required a cease and desist of the use of the igloos due to the enclosed nature of the igloo structure which may not allow for adequate air flow. Per HO Directive No 2020-16b, free flow of air through an outdoor dining space is a service requirement (Exhibit A, Sec 1.7). The health inspector discussed possible modifications to the igloos with management and welcomes a submission of a proposal for DPH review and approval before use.”

The dome structures are made out of polyvinyl chloride (81%), which is a synthetic polymer, and polyester (19%), according to the inspection report.

Sushi Hashiri has not responded to the San Francisco News for comment.





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