SAN FRANCISCO—Starting on Monday, June 8, the Presidio, a 1,500-acre park in San Francisco, will be launching the Slow Streets program. The Slow Streets initiative will close select streets in the park in order to give visitors enough space to run, walk, and bike all while maintaining social distancing. This program will work in tandem with San Francisco’s Shared Spaces program, which allows restaurants and retail to utilize sidewalks for business operations.

The Presidio Slow Streets program will run for 22 days, from June 8 to June 30. This program will have two different types of road closures in the park. The first is called the Road Closure Recreation or “Red” zone. In this zone, vehicles are not permitted. This will include West Pacific Avenue between Arguello and Presidio boulevards; Montgomery Street between Lincoln Boulevard and Sheridan Avenue; and Washington Boulevard between Kobbe Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard.

The second type of road closure is called the Slow Street or “Yellow” zone. In this zone, vehicle access is limited to residents, tenants, deliveries, and emergency vehicles. This will include West Pacific Boulevard between Fifth Avenue and Arguello Boulevard; and Washington Boulevard between Kobbe Avenue and Arguello Boulevard.

According to the Presidio’s official website, they might adjust the street closures throughout the duration of the Slow Streets program and recommend checking their website before visiting. The park will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.