HOLLYWOOD—Last week “Scream” ended on a climatic note with Audrey discovering Jake’s bloody body. This week’s episode, ‘Vacancy’ proved that this new killer or accomplice (yes, the killer might be a face from the past) made it clear he or she is not playing games. Audrey was clearly shaken by what she found, just as the killer decided to give her a call teasing that she couldn’t call the police, as she fled the scene. Oh, Audrey good luck on keeping such a whopper of a secret from your pals.

Emma alerted her mother that her father is back in town and plans to re-patch their fractured relationship. Audrey continued to stare at those clues left by the killer, just as Emma alerted her pal about the return of her father. Hmm, looks like Audrey wants to pinpoint the ‘new’ killer as Emma’s dad. Looks like father and daughter have more in common then they suspect; they are both survivors of mass killings.

Noah was determined to discover what was hidden in Piper’s storage unit, as Audrey did her best to divert; she’s lucky because Jake’s body has gone MIA, which left her speechless, but a camera was catching their every move. Brooke continued to obsess over Jake who hasn’t returned any of her calls, just as she became acquainted with Zoe who has a crush on Noah. Kieran and Emma played a bit of catch-up, just as Eli eavesdropped on the conversation. Kieran dismissed Eli, just as Emma stepped in to show her boyfriend’s cousin the school grounds. Looks like there is plenty of bad blood between these two family members, I wonder why?

Noah was on the cusp of discovering what was captured on that video footage, just as he decided to call-out the hotel manager where Piper was secretly staying. What the hell? Could Audrey seriously be a killer, cause she was ready to whack her BFF if he discovered she was helping Piper.

Another twist, Emma’s dad discovered that he’s been receiving emails from Riley (who has been dead for quite some time). So the killer looks to be weaving a very tangled web. Brooke was stunned to receive a phone call from Mr. Branson, who peaked her interest, and she warned Audrey and Emma about her call from their former teacher. Audrey is acting like a total b**ch right now. Maggie begged Miguel to investigate the emails being sent to Kevin and its apparent Maggie is unnerved every time Kevin touches her.

Back at the Crescent Motel, the hotel manager paid a visit to Kevin’s hotel room. Come on, you never just enter an open hotel room, you’re asking for trouble. Yep, the killer was cloaked under the carpet, and whacked his latest victim with a bottle of wine before viciously stabbing him with a wine opener. Ok, season one was bloody, but season two is just brutal people. Looks like the awkwardness between Zoe and Noah led to a first date, just as Brooke continued to be repulsed by Gustavo and even more livid when she came face-to-face with Mr. Branson at the movie theater. Gustavo was the perfect distraction to piss off Mr. Branson who was not pleased to see his former flame get accustomed with a new guy.

That was a surprise; Seth left those flowers for Brooke, not the killer. Emma decided to pay her dad a visit at the Crescent Motel, but what she saw upon entering the room was a bunch of photos related to the Lakewood murders, just as the bathroom light turned on. Noah continued to be turned off by Audrey’s dismissive behavior, but she soon got another call from the killer warning her that Emma could be in mortal danger. This killer is not messing around as he pinpointed that he had just killed the hotel manager. Emma was about to come face-to-face with the killer, but bickering between two patrons caused her to venture outside. In the midst of that chaos, she witnessed her father beating a guy to a pulp, which frightened her.

Emma discovered that someone is setting her up, just as her father did his best to try to get his daughter to understand his spiraling behavior. He acknowledged that he once struck her mother when she was child, which explained why he left town the first time around. Audrey was a shoulder to lean on for Emma, when she least expected it. Audrey was relieved for a few moments, well that was until she got a text from the killer, who left her with the murder weapon used to kill the hotel manager. Uh-oh, Audrey has the evidence all over her hands! Until next Monday “Scream” lunatics!