HOLLYWOOD—I can’t believe I totally forgot that MTV was doing a special Halloween episode of “Scream: The TV Series.” This episode was so packed that it took 120 minutes to deliver all the juicy details and surprises for the audience. Some of you should be aware that MTV recently renewed “Scream” for a third season, but it will be much shorter than previous season. Season 2 consisted of 12 episodes, and in my personal opinion was a huge improvement. Too bad season 3 will consists of only 6 episodes.

The first episode titled ‘Halloween,’ yes, a wink to John Carpenter’s 1978 classic opened in an epic way, and I mean epic. Kieran, who was revealed to be the mastermind behind the chaos for season two was in court where he learned his fate: 10 life sentences. He was later on the midst of being transferred, when chaos erupted. Someone wearing a ‘Brandon James’ mask took out a security guard in their mission to bust Kieran out of prison.

My first thought, was that this new killer was about to join forces with Kieran to unleash more madness on Lakewood and the survivors. All is not as it seems, because the killer violently slit Kieran’s throat before another blade went into his neck. Yeah, if this episode is an indicator of things to come, I feel like season 3 is setting the stage for a trilogy where anything can happen.

Emma looks to be putting her life back together, but when Brooke arrives to break the news about Kieran’s murder, it’s clear the walls immediately go back up for our heroine. The media blitz is chaotic at school, which places Emma, Brooke, Gustavo, Noah and Audrey in a whirlwind. Speaking of Gustavo and Noah, they have become notorious writers whose level of fame has grown after writing a book about the recent killings at the hands of their pal Kieran.

Their editor Jeremy decides that a trip to Shallow Grave Island would be perfect to help Noah shake out of his writer’s block, as the island is notorious with the hauntings involving a girl named Anna Hobbs. Yes, this is all epic horror movie stuff. The narrative has been set, the players are on the move, and mayhem is following the gang to regions they least expected. Audrey was on the verge of cancelling the trip to spend the weekend with her new girlfriend Gina, but when Gina encouraged Audrey to go on the trip it’s a telling sign in my opinion.

All seems, well, but a local visit to a museum that houses an infamous mask used by Anna Hobbs during her murder spree and a pair of shears, gives a wink that blood is about to be unleashed in a tropical paradise. When Jeremy, Stavo and Noah leave the premises, our historian finds himself on the receiving end of some shears. That is just the beginning people; because so much BLOOD was spilled in these two episodes I was stunned.

The audience meets a few new faces in Alex Whitman, who catches Emma’s eye, as well as Billie who catches the eye of Stavo who is looking to make his girlfriend Brooke jealous because of the distance that she is creating between them. Well, while Billie is cute she met her demise in bloody fashion, which only led to a revelation that the killer may have followed the crew from Lakewood to Shallow Grave Island. Emma received a call from the ‘killer’ or the faux killer warning her that the madness is not over and that she will never escape his clutches. At first I was certain the killer was following the crew, but it became clear the killer on this tropical paradise and who murdered Kieran are not the same person.

The body count continues to add up with the Sheriff and Jeremy becoming the latest casualties, and then the questions about who would live and who is the killer came front and center with the sudden arrival of Gina. Yeah, how the hell did she get to the island in the middle of a storm people? In the end, we discover that Alex is really someone named Tom who became obsessed with Emma’s survival tale and crafted this madness to get her to fall in love with him.

Poor Emma, this girl has been through a ton! She uses her charm to outwit Tom, leading to his demise when he falls off the balcony to his death. So what we may have thought to be the developments of a new Lakewood slasher was a complete farce. Well, not quite, the episode concludes with the possibility that either Kevin, Emma’s dad or Brandon James himself being the culprit behind Kieran’s demise. Hmm, this is interesting people because Kevin visited Kieran’s grave, while a “Mr. James” checked into a hotel in Lakewood. Could it be the same person? Quite possible, or we could be stunned with a face of the past looking to cause more havoc in Lakewood. “Scream: The TV Series” is slated to return in 2017!