SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, May 14, a 15 year old girl disappeared from her home in Rohnert Park. Officials from the Rohnert Park Police Department are asking for the public’s assistance to locate Veronica Elizabeth Prado.

She was  last seen by her parents around 10 p.m. on Thursday. On Friday, May 15, her parents awoke to find her missing from her bedroom. They found a note that stated she was leaving, but she would be back, the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety reported.

The RPPD are continuing their search and interviewed Prado’s friends and family, but are limited on leads on her possible whereabouts.

In her note, Prado mentioned a boyfriend, and some of Prado’s friends have claimed she started seeing an “older” male, but they are unaware of his name or a description of what he looks like.

Investigators believe he is an adult man whom Prado  met over social media, and they have reason to believe that she left with him. Authorities originally described Veronica as “at risk” because they may believe she may be a “danger to herself,” but are now investigating the possibility of other suspects involved in the teen’s disappearance.

In the missing persons report, Veronica is described as a 5 foot and 1 inch tall Hispanic girl, who has brown hair and brown eyes, and weighs about 116 pounds. She was last seen wearing a pair of black, red and white Nike Air Jordan athletic shoes, and was carrying a black Tommy Hilfiger bag.

Prado’s family  posted hundreds of flyers across the Bay Area and in downtown San Francisco in the hopes that they will assist in locatinghe r.

Since Veronica Elizabeth Prado has entered the Missing Person’s Database and this is an active case, anyone with details or who believes they have seen her, is asked to contact their local police department or the Rohnert Park Police Department at 707-584-2612.