HOLLYWOOD—The last time we spoke about “The Young and the Restless” it was in relation to rather Ashland Locke was dead or alive. Well, we can confirm that Ashland Locke is indeed dead and it was a direct result of that punch Nicholas Newman delivered. Yup, as I suspected, Victor Newman covered up the crime and staged it as an accident. Oh, Victor when will you learn that trying to cover-up a crime will only cause more problems later down the road?

Nick and Victoria on the other hand are in panic mode. Victoria seems to love to repeat history indulging herself in the same situation as she did with JT all those years ago, covering up a ‘murder’ that didn’t happen. This is slightly different because Ashland is indeed dead and the fact that Nick and Victoria are now accomplices in the cover up things will go awry. Why? Well it seems the writers have FINALLY given Chance (Connor Floyd) a bit of a narrative to play with as he leads the investigation involving Ashland’s death.

Chance already knows something is being kept under wraps and he’s already looking at Victor, Nick and Victoria. We already know Michael has his hand in this melee also. Guess who doesn’t know? Kevin! Yes, Kevin is working with Chance on the investigation and they already suspected Ashland died elsewhere, his body was moved and they’re just trying to connect the dots.

This could cause some major friction with Abby and Chance as she realizes her father’s role in this cover up and its link to her brother and sister. I wonder who will be going down for this when the truth is exposed people. Adam is also on the cusp of discovering the cover up and might be utilizing this as a way to sock it to his brother, sister and dear ole dad. Adam is still pushing Sally away, and Sally reached a point where enough is enough. She was ready to give it all away in terms of her position with Newman Media. Yeah, Sally a power player people and she is wielding that power as she got details on Nick and Ashland’s tussle before he went missing and was ultimately found dead. The question viewers want to know is who is Sally loyal to? Herself or Adam? We shall wait and see.

In other Genoa City news, Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley are continuing their mission to bring Diane Jenkins down to her knees and giving her the boot out of GC. There is one slight problem, the notion of Phyllis and Diane both working at Marchetti, just screams set-up as Diane has mentioned to Kyle. However, Kyle and Summer are too stupid to realize that Phyllis has to be up to something to suddenly want to work at Marchetti when she has the Phoenix Hotel. I mean make that make sense people.

As Ashley alluded, this could go bad if the goal to sabotage Diane Jenkins has blowback on Jabot and Marchetti people. I mean hello, Kyle, Summer, Jack and Harrison will be collateral damage as a result of this plan when it blow up and we know it going to blow up at some point down the line people. That worry is starting to spill over to Allie and Noah who shared a steamy kiss and their relationship is growing people. In addition, we are seeing the relationship with Sharon and Nick moving forward also. Ok, writers I see where you all are headed with Sharon and Nick and I’m not mad because these two belong together.

Jack is still smitten with the 160 that Diane has done, and the fact that he refuses to give Phyllis the benefit of the doubt can be beyond frustrating. As Phyllis continues to blow her gasket I can absolutely understand her not being able to maintain her frustration because I would be in the same boat America. Billy and Lily are doing what they are doing, just as he has been clued in by Victoria what happened with Ashland Locke, as it appeared his relationship with Chelsea is starting to grow. Hmm, this could be fun.

The relationship between Nate and Devon is continuing to boil over as friction in the workplace is growing more and more. With that said, Nate is still conversing largely with Imani much to Elena’s frustration. Elena knows something is going on, but I really don’t understand how dangerous things are as Nate is already tempted and falling for Imani’s advances. So expect a cheating scandal very soon.