HOLLYWOOD—Who is the killer? That is the question we all want to know regarding Charlie Dale on “Days of Our Lives.” We first thought Sami, then Allie, then Ava, now Tripp, well it can be confirmed NONE of those individuals killed Charlie as the lies and secrets started to come out. Sami was covering for Allie, Ava was covering for Tripp, but in the end neither of their children committed the deed, which raises the big question: who did?

At this point, I’m not sure because the possible suspects remaining just don’t seem feasible. Lucas would’ve disclosed to Sami if he did it, Kate is a possible alternative, but it seems like a stretch in my opinion. So who does that leave? We have Claire and the biggest frontrunner right now: Belle! Yes, a button is missing from Belle’s coat, the same button that the Salem Police Department currently has in their possession. Rafe is fed up with all the lies from those in his inner circle including Nicole, Ava, and Tripp. Considering Belle is starting to look like the prime suspect, and John still NOT being able to fully remember what transpired the night Charlie was shot, my money is on Claire as being Charlie’s killer.

If it wasn’t Claire, I sense Jan Spears, who has suddenly remerged wore Belle’s jacket in an attempt to frame her nemesis. Teasers are noting the truth about Charlie’s killer will come out this month, I’m sure that will not transpire until we are on the cusp of May sweeps. Charlie’s murder is big Salem news, but not the biggest. Lucas and Sami an item again, tell me I’m dreaming America?! Um, they shared a kiss and a bit more and got busted by Kristen DiMera of all people. Yeah, that was not expected and it all reveals around Sami and EJ’s relationship taking a major hit as a result of his recovery.

We all know this will be big because EJ DiMera who has been MIA from Salem for years, will be back on the canvas this summer, but let’s make this clear, EJ’s previous portrayer, James Scott, will NOT be stepping into the role, it will be “Spartacus” actor Dan Feuerriegel. The last time we spoke I made it clear Kristen was a power player, and it seems like her shenanigans to keep Brady in her orbit is going to ultimately cost her the father of her daughter. Brady discovered this week that Chloe still has feelings for him, which forced him to reflect a bit, just as Sami found herself being forced to ensure Brady and Chloe stay apart or Kristen will spill what her sister-in-law did with Lucas to EJ.

Sami doing Kristen’s bidding, oh that is about to ignite a war people and I’m all for it people. Speaking of war’s Abigail and Gwen are really at war after it was revealed that Gwen is pregnant and we already know who the daddy is: Chad. That is not good for Abigail and this so called truce Jack was hoping for ain’t going to happen America, not any time soon. Talk about jealous lovers, Jake does not like seeing Gabi with Philip and neither does Kate. Kate knows Gabi is wicked to the core and is worried about her son being entangled with such a woman.

The Ciara, Ben, Claire and Theo quadrangle continues as Marlena attempted to hypnotize Ciara in hopes to help her remember her love for Ben Weston. Unfortunately, Marlena’s attempt had an adverse effect with Ciara recalling being in that cabin and it set ablaze by Claire of all people. It feels like the writers might be pushing a Claire and Ben love affair. That would be intriguing to say the least America.

The last tale of discussion involves Paulina Price and her lazy daughter Chanel. Paulina is serious about her daughter being financially cut of and that she needs to get a job. That prompted a chance meeting between Chanel and Xander. And guess what? While drinking the too got hitched and Chanel thinks she has found her meal ticket. I wonder what mama Paulina will think, as she continues to cozy up to Abe. She has her hands in many pots, especially now that her niece, Lani and Eli have decided to take her up on her offer to pay for their twins college fund.

It is always fun to see new characters in town, especially when they can shake things up the way Paulina does. Perfect casting in Jackee Harry “Days of Our Lives!”