UNITED STATES—We all knew the election of Donald Trump to the most powerful position in the world would be contentious, however, I never expected in a million years to hear about so many security breaches in less than 2 months of the man being in office. This is scary, and downright baffling to say the least. In just 2 months, there have been close to 4-5 security breaches at The White House, where unstable individuals have attempted to gain access onto property or inside the building without being properly vetted.

Why is this concerning? Well rather you like the President of the United States or not is one thing, but you should have respect for the gentlemen; he is indeed our commander of chief people. The most recent incident where an intruder was on the property for nearly 20 minutes, yes, 20 minutes without being detected has left me dumbfounded. There is no telling what this person could have done or had planned for President Trump, The White House and the region surrounding what is considered the most powerful place on Earth. And just this week, after intruder attempted to jump the fence to no success.

I mean we see it time and time again in the movies where the White House is under virtual attack by villains or terrorists, and things never end well for the iconic building. Security personnel should be well aware of this. I know there are guards outside of the gates of the White House, along the perimeters of the home, on the roof, in neighboring regions next to the White House, so how is this becoming a repeated pattern America?

Does the CIA and the FBI not care what happens to our POTUS? Did the government hire a bunch of incompetent individuals not capable of performing the task of ensuring our Commander in Chief is protected at all times? It certainly looks like it; and the fact that Mr. Trump hasn’t raised more ire about these incidents has me concerned as an American. We’re talking about national security here people, and if the White House isn’t secure, how the hell are we to assume that the rest of the nation is secure!

Millions of dollars from tax payers pockets goes to the federal government each year. I’m certain a bevy of that money is being used on security detail and other government business most Americans have the slightest idea about. What good are CIA and FBI agents to protecting President Trump if they’re not doing their job? I mean I don’t feel that safe right now, I can’t recall a single time about hearing of any breaches at the White House when Barack Obama was POTUS for 8 years, what has changed America.

I can totally understand some of President Trump’s policies and tactics have rubbed people the wrong way and we are all entitled to share our opinions, but the safety of this country is indeed a top priority to me because it impacts me and my family. If a threat is made against the president, it’s a threat against America and we need to take these matters more seriously. I’m not an FBI or CIA agent so I have no idea what security precautions should be in place to protect the president, all I know is whatever is unfolding right now does not look good in the perception of the public eye.