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“Senate Mob” Film Shakes Up Washington Plot

Mitch McConnell.

HELLO AMERICA!—It seems that Washington and its closeted politicians are about to feel the heat again! Two very ambitious “Sundance” filmmakers Robert Hashberry and Glenn Pellings have produced the film “The Senate Mob” about the secret plan to destroy Barack Obama. The ominous deed by several powerful leaders of the Republican party was put into play by those who openly admitted they would do anything to circumvent any move the Black president might make from the White House.

Hashberry offered: “When hearing about the secret meeting that was held six blocks away while Obama was being sworn in as president, I agreed that, indeed, it should be noted in history, especially when it was a plan to destroy or dismantle any plans the Black president might have in changing this country to his liking.”

As a result, Hashberry and his partner Glenn Pellings began to make the appropriate contacts in developing their story. “We were surprised to find there were quite a few Republicans who secretly disagreed with the Mitch McConnell plan but were fearful of being ostracized from the special “power” club of the party. It was very clear that the idea that a “BLACK” man was in the WHITE HOUSE was something that could not be tolerated and anything that could be done in making his life miserable should be taken quite seriously. In other words that “N” had to go!”

Even when discussing the political situation with several recognized powerful Democrats, even they didn’t seem to have any real effective answers since the party had become the minority in the Congress. Fortunately, Obama managed to get some very significant bills passed which gave millions of people hope where there was none previously. However, this made the Mitch McConnell group even more determined to bring the young president to his knees.

“In the film, we present Obama as the man the public saw him. He was always seen as calm, dignified, unshaken with the demeanor of a controlled leader. Mitch McConnell represented the old dead South, programmed to believe the only place a Black man belonged was still in the back of the bus. It’s something the man can’t help, it’s who and what he is along with the Tom Cruz types and there are so many others like them. It’s as though they are hungry for another civil war. It’s frightening!”

There are plans for “The Senate Mob” (Fastride Productions) to have its premiere in September 2016 in several major cities or on a Cable network available for millions to watch in their homes. Both producers Hashberry and Pellings agree that it takes the input of the “people” to make things right in a country like ours. “When people raise their voices, that’s when the sound of freedom and democracy make a thunderous and resounding noise!”

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