SAN FRANCISCO—Over the Thanksgiving holiday, 50 people were arrested at SFO. Among those taken into custody were San Francisco Board of Supervisors Matt Haney, Gordon Mar, and Ahsha Safai. City officials participated in a protest led by union Unite Here Local 2 at SFO’s Terminal 2, where outgoing American Airlines flights depart.

When officers asked participants of the protest to disperse, they refused and continued the peaceful sit-in leading to the arrests.

Local 2 is seeking better wages and benefits for the San Mateo/San Francisco area. According to its website, the group is affiliated with the international “Unite Here” union that represents “270,000 working people across the U.S. and Canada.”

Their slogan “One Job Should Be Enough” points to a pay inequality in the city and beyond, as the cost of living for employees rises. The union posted the following message via their Twitter page @UnitedHereLocal2:

“Millions of passengers are flying this weekend. How many of them know that the workers who cater @AmericanAir planes – who prepare in-flight meals and load the beverage carts – are living in poverty? We’re not going to be invisible anymore.”

Tuesday, December 3 marks the one-year anniversary of the groups victory over Marriott Hotel to provide higher pay, and better benefits. Close to 8,000 union members participated in the protest.

Negotiations with American Airlines are continuing with hopes to provide a living wage to all of its employees.