SAN FRANCISCO—April Myres, 55, a former San Francisco Sheriff’s Deputy was sentenced to 14 months in prison for fraud, as well as carrying on a secret relationship with a felon while she worked at the San Francisco County Jail.

Her two most recent relationships were with convicted felons. Her first was Leonard Colvin. Colvin was arrested for the murder of Emmett Bryon in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District.  After her marriage to Colvin ended, Myres became involved with another felon, Antoine Fowler. The relationship with Fowler began within the walls of the County Jail.

The two met while Myres was on-duty, and their relationship progressed after Fowler was released. As their romance continued, so did the accusations of fraud.

Suspicious activity alerted authorities and led to the arrest of both Myers and Fowler. It began when Myres reported a burglary noting that items stolen included a ballistic vest and department-issued weapon. She filed a false insurance claim that totaled $67,000 in May 2016.

Nearly a year after the incident, in February 2017, her weapon was found in Fowler’s possession. When questioned, Myers claimed she had no knowledge that Fowler participated in the burglary and was in possession of the stolen weapon. 

After further investigations, both Fowler and Myres were arrested by the FBI. Her defense acknowledged the fact that her secret relationship with Fowler was inexcusable, but she maintained that she had no part in the burglary. They added that she had no prior knowledge that Fowler was in possession of her weapon.

Despite the defenses claims, a jury has convicted Myres of fraud during an eight-day trial over the summer of 2019. She is expected to surrender herself to authorities and start serving her sentence in January 2020.

Fowler pled guilty to being a felon in possession of a weapon in May, but has not yet been sentenced.