SAN FRANCISCO — After 85 years of service, Harrington’s Bar and Grill announced it is closing its doors due to financial hardships resulting from the pandemic.

The Irish pub located in Front Street was founded in 1935 by Henry Harrington who ran it with his son Leo. Harrington’s website says that back in the day they served sea captains, ship executives, seafarers, laborers, printers, and many other customers. The pub stayed in the family and is now owned by Michael Harrington, son of Leo. 

As the financial district grew, so did the variety of clientele in the bar. According to their website, recently they had a “diverse mix of people, from laborers and lawyers to locals and visitors alike.” At the bar, customers could pick from a variety of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, wines and beers. Hoodline reports that Harrington’s was a gathering spot for fans of the Giants and the 49ers in San Francisco’s Financial District. The pub also had a small stage for live music which they used sometimes.

In the farewell message posted on their website, the owner thanked their loyal clients and explained that the bar can no longer sustain the financial difficulties that the pandemic has brought.

“The decision was very difficult to make but with everything we have to do regarding reopening in an unsafe environment for each of us,” said Harrington. “To wait out this pandemic was financially unreasonable. We have had eighty five wonderful years of a broad diverse mix of patrons we so appreciate. Thank you for your support through the years.”