SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco officers investigating a gunfire report arrested a suspect on the morning of Saturday, September 12. The weapon was also recovered. 

A building and a vehicle were struck with gunfire just after 2 a.m. on September 12 on the 100 block of Turk Street in the Tenderloin neighborhood.

The area has a history of violence. In July, a resident of the neighborhood for seven years, Michael Arr, told the media outlet SFGate, “I’ve seen 10 shootings, murders, right out my window. I’ve had bullets hit my air conditioner. I am frightened to come outside. Well, that’s a tough break. After all, it is the Tenderloin, right?”

Researcher Jonathan Nathan reports that violent crime on the first block of Turk is 35 times higher than the rest of the city and eight times higher than the rest of the Tenderloin. The Police Department’s online crime map shows 248 crimes reported on the street from November 21 to May 7. Reportedly 438 people live on the block.