SAN FRANCISCO—On Saturday, June 13, San Francisco Department of Public Health released a statement of “Tips and Frequently Asked Questions” for retail businesses that are offering in-store services and outdoor equipment rental amid the coronavirus pandemic. The tips are to help people to reopen their businesses with indoor services safely.

The statement lists the following steps to help people to prepare for reopening:
1. Before opening the doors to welcome the customers back, the administrators of the business need to have a plan of safety and health.
2. The employees should receive a training about health protocols, including cleaning the stores and screening customers for COVID-19.
3. If the business has been closed for a long time, the owner should check around the store/space to ensure the pest control measures,ventilation systems and water systems are working properly.
4. The owner should make a safer space for both customers and employees, for example by separating the entry and exit.

The statement notes that businesses should suggest that their customers wash their hands before they enter. Also, customers should limit how much they touch items and surfaces. The businesses should consider creating a method for dealing with returned items safely.

According to the statement, bookstores, jewelry stores, toy shops, clothing/shoe stores, home stores, and sporting goods stores are allowed to reopen, however personal services like beauty salons, nail salons, massage parlors and tattoo parlors are not authorized to reopen at this time.

The department suggests that businesses close their bathrooms if they are not able to fully comply with the sanitation requirements.

For more details on the tips for the retail businesses, visit the Department of Public Health website.