SAN FRANCISCO—On Wednesday, August 5, San Francisco’s iconic nonprofit cinema Roxie Theater announced via social media that they are offering Virtual Memberships.

According to a statement on Roxie’s website, the purpose of having the virtual memberships is to adjust to the current digital world. The theater aims to create new ways to engage with its members and community.

The Roxie Virtual Membership includes:
-Access to Roxie Quick Takes which is a new virtual conversation series by Bay Area filmmakers.
-Access to the Roxie Member Only Facebook group which is a space for Roxie’s members to discuss movies and series.
-Receive discounts or free virtual tickets.

Roxie is currently offering two types of virtual membership. The Enthusiast Virtual Membership costs $30 per year. The Support Virtual Membership costs $55 per year.

“Both tiers provide access to all of the virtual benefits. If you have the means to purchase our Supporter tier you would be directly helping ensure the longevity of the Roxie,” reads the statement.

Roxie says there will not be a physical membership card. Customers will receive a confirmation through email after they purchase the membership. People who have already had a membership will be added to the Roxie Virtual Membership automatically.

For more information about the virtual membership, send an email to