SAN FRANCISCO — On Monday, March 1, four members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors officially proposed a plan that would make summer programs free for students in the San Francisco United School District (SFUSD).

Supervisors Matt Haney, Connie Chan, and Myrna Melgar, and Hillary Ronen introduced this proposal.

On Twitter, Supervisor Haney said the plan will give “funding to offer free full summer programming for every public elementary school student” and believes “our city’s children have suffered tremendously over last year.  We have to step up & do all we can to support them,” in a February 28 tweet.

Haney, who was previously board president of the SFUSD, also said the proposal will “require broad partnership across our City Departments, elected officials, SFUSD, [and] youth providers.”

Supervisor Ronen, who introduced the proposal with Haney, tweeted on February 28:

“We need to prioritize SFUSD kids & parents.  This proposal I am developing w/ @conniechansf @myrnamelgar @MattHaneySF would do that.  Every SFUSD kid who hasn’t had in-class education for a year deserves a wonderful summer experience to make up for learning loss & social isolation.”

Ronen added that she is “excited to make this vision a reality and make an initial $15 million investment” in a plan she believes is “badly needed.”

This proposal comes the same week that Governor Gavin Newsom announced a deal with state lawmakers that would have schools reopened by the end of March.