SAN FRANCISCO—Starting next week on Monday, September 14, the SFMTA will resume enforcing parking permits and time limits across the city’s Residential Parking Permit (RPP) locations.

Since March, the SFMTA paused enforcement of permit parking. As more businesses open, the city decided it is time to make parking available to neighborhood residents again.

“Due to demand for parking near local businesses, meter pricing was updated and parking meter enforcement reprioritized,” said the agency in a statement. 

The SFMTA created a new online application process for residents, business owners, visitors, and others who wish to apply for a new permit or renew one that has expired. The prices for resident permit parking have also been updated. The cost is $144 per year for cars, and $108 for motorcycles. The city is also temporarily offering a free four-week parking permit option to people affected by the recent wildfires if they are currently staying in an RPP zone.

The SFMTA will begin charging for late fees for unpaid parking citations, and applications will not be accepted until outstanding parking citations are paid off.

The processing time for an online RPP application through the website is about one week. Applications sent in by email could take up to two weeks to process. The SFMTA also offers in-person applications at 11 South van Ness Ave., with limited hours.