HOLLYWOOD—We have been patiently waiting for Sheila Carter to unleash her vindictive side on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and it transpired this week. Who caused Sheila to strike? It was Brooke Logan of all people. I honestly feel like this is a misfire on the writers part because I sense more drama if the person was Steffy or Taylor, but Brooke? This is so predictable because I can already see where this is headed: Brooke cheats on Ridge with Deacon resulting in Ridge hooking up with Taylor, but how does Sheila win with this result? Um, she doesn’t people so I don’t see the motive.

If Sheila’s goal is to reunite with Finn and Hayes, you need to make major leeway with Steffy and Taylor of all people. Taylor has made the first step pushing her daughter to allow Sheila to the Xmas festivities to which alarm bells were raised by Steffy of all people, however, considering her mother is a psychiatrist, she would know if Sheila is actually reformed or not. I mean the woman shot her and tried to murder her so the danger is quite palatable to say the least.

However, Taylor thinks she’s smarter than everyone else, which allowed Sheila to garner some knowledge during her Xmas visit with Finn and Hayes. She learned Taylor still has a torch for Ridge and just like that Sheila is about to stir up a bit of drama to make that transpire. How so? After Brooke launched threats, Sheila made it her mission to toy with Brooke’s sobriety by swapping non-alcoholic champagne, with actual champagne. Hmm, this was something that Quinn did in the previous year as well people? It’s a dirty tactic, but it might give Sheila the edge she needs, but also I can sense Taylor getting caught in this web of deception and Sheila utilizing it as leverage to get what she wants Finn and Hayes.

Gosh, can anyone come up with any unique ideas to tackle a rivalry? Deacon is still making plenty of leeway with Hope, much to Liam and Ridge chagrin. Thomas is Thomas and it makes one wonder if this would be the perfect time for Sally Spectra to return to Los Angeles and rekindle their romance. I mean they were indeed great together, but Bill Spencer made sure to blow that relationship to bits people. Thomas Forrester needs something to do people because right now it seems like he has not much going on.

There is another big romance that could or could NOT go to the next level in Zende and Paris. He has picked up the engagement ring and alerted his pal Carter that he is planning to pop the question. I’ve seen a slight spark between Paris and Carter, but I was NOT sure if the writers were actually planning to head in this direction. Carter warned Paris of the impending proposal and a stunning moment occurred as a result.

I mean it seems the writers are NOT sure what they want to do with Paris. First it was Zende, then she had a spark for Finn, then Thomas was slowly infatuated with her and now it seems Carter might be smitten with her. What does Paris have that all these guys falling for her people? The audience wants to know. I mean the Christmas gathering at the Forrester mansion had to be awkward to say the least with Quinn, Eric and Carter all in the same room.

I mean Quinn and Carter had a passionate affair people, and why haven’t we explored Donna and Eric, Katie and Bill, where the hell are Wyatt and Flo. Those two have been MIA for months and don’t see to be coming back anytime soon. There are so many characters right not who are NOT being fully utilized and it is frustrating as a viewer. “The Bold and the Beautiful” let’s use these characters who are staples on the soap.