HOLLYWOOD—I absolutely love every single second of the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” right now. This who shot Bill Spencer storyline has so much momentum and interesting dynamics I’m stunned this didn’t transpire sooner. I mean Don Diamont, as I’ve totted before has been terrific as one of the best daytime villains of all-time in recent years.

We’ve gone over the suspect list in previous weeks, but there are more names that we have to consider in Caroline Spencer and Thomas Forrester. Yes, that tidbit of a mystery woman returning to town had me wondering just who, who could it be. To see Caroline enter that hospital room hell bent on making her uncle pay for the lie he told that she just happened to go along with such fun. Caroline has never really crossed over to the dark side, but to see actress Linsey Godfrey express such anger in a character that seems sweet and innocent is tons of fun.

I never pegged Caroline as one to shoot her uncle, but when you lose everything that matters most, anything can happen. We have to talk about Thomas who has roared back into town, and as a result is also considered a suspect. Ridge was surprised to see his son, but also skeptical about his sudden return to Los Angeles from New York. When Thomas shared with dad that Bill and Caroline lied about her being ill it only irked Ridge more. Picture his face upon learning that Bill proposed to Steffy. After all the crap that Bill has put Ridge through, it serves him right to put a bullet in the back of his enemy. Did Thomas shoot Bill? No, its way too easy, the same applies for Caroline. She looks like the perfect decoy, but when the red herring is staring you right in the face it is never that easy.

I was wondering when the ball would drop regarding Bill’s proposal to Steffy, but never count out Brooke people. Yeah, that woman couldn’t keep a secret if her life depended on it. I mean she revealed those details to Hope, who dropped the bomb on Liam this week, which only infuriated him more. On top of that, it created a rift between Brooke and Steffy, and Steffy and Hope. Liam has been by his father’s side since his shooting, and with the snap of the finger Liam’s anger has returned. The situation is not helped by authorities zoning in on him as a culpable in his father’s shooting.

Like I said, someone was spotted watching Steffy and Bill when he proposed to her, and remember the audience never saw a face. Liam was surprised to learn he was considered a suspect, but let’s not rule out Wyatt who was in a drunken stupor when Bill was shot. I mean, the guy is starting to piece that night together, and things are not looking too great for Bill’s loyal son. Justin sure looks like a major contender in Bill’s shooting, but I’d argue the fact that Bill didn’t sign those papers (which would have placed Bill’s right hand man in charge) changes the likelihood.

The one person I’m stunned, and I mean stunned that no one is talking about is Quinn Fuller! Yes, she was pissed that Bill was about to leave Wyatt out in the rain, and we all know how far Quinn will go to ensure her only son is happy. The lady has no limits. I mean she kidnapped Liam, brain-washed him and kept him locked away in a cabin, not to mention her countless attempts to ‘murder’ him. If I were to place my money on a list of the top 3 suspects you should pencil in: Liam, Quinn and Sheila.

Do I believe Sheila committed the deed? No, because it seems way obvious, so Liam or Quinn as the guilty party would be satisfying, with Liam being the most shocking choice. Why? Its proof that even the good can fall if pushed too far and I think everyone in the “B&B” community would love to see this character go down a dark path. However, Bill finally awoke and he pointed the finger directly at his nemesis who was arrested for attempted murder. This is interesting because we know Ridge didn’t do it, but he may be protecting someone else, the question is who?