SAN JOSE — On Monday, September 14, San Jose State University (SJSU) announced that it had received a $3 million donation from Koret Foundation, which reinforces the Bay Area communities and supports the Jewish community in the U.S. and Israel.

SJSU has been helping students receive scholarships, career preparation resources, and other practical services as its five-year grant system. The donation from The Koret Foundation will assist SJSU’s Transformation 2030 strategic plan and allow students to have successful futures.

The five-year grant elements are including scholarships for students served by SJSU’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) or the Military and Veteran Student Services Office, support the Veterans’ Services Expansion funding, the Navigating College-to-Career Success funding, the Diversifying STEM Pipeline project funding, and the Capital Resources for 21st-Century Learning funding.

Michael J. Boskin, president of the Koret Foundation, commented, “Investing in the next generation of talent, innovation and leadership is critical in order to ensure that all students, including the disadvantaged, have the opportunity to lead productive and successful lives.”

Mary A. Papazian, President of SJSU, showed her appreciation that “It is only through generous, sustained investments from organizations such as the Koret Foundation that we can engage and educate more students and meet our Transformation 2030 strategic plan goals. The foundation’s priorities in higher education align perfectly with our own, making them an ideal partner. I cannot thank them enough.”

According to the SJSU news release, the COVID-19 pandemic impacts students to attend higher education institutions. Besides SJSU, eleven other colleges and universities in the Bay Area have received $50 million donations total.

“Koret’s Higher Education Initiative seeks to support key academic institutions in the Bay Area and fund programs that can spark new thinking, facilitate partnerships, and contribute to student success,” Boskin stated.