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SleepBus Offers One Way Trips From SF To LA For $48

A SleepBus

SAN FRANCISCO—A new company is helping to improve the travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles. SleepBus is offering rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles for $48 for a one-way trip.

SleepBus’s founder and CEO Tom Currier spoke with Inc. Magazine and told them in an interview that, “It would basically be like you teleported to L.A. It would be cool.”

According to SleepBus’s website the bus features private pods to fall asleep in. The 12-passenger chartered buses, act as a hybrid between a commercial truck and trailer and leaves San Francisco at 11 p.m. and arrives in Los Angeles at 6 a.m. Riders can schedule the bus to leave from either city. Patrons are allowed to either sleep till 6 a.m. or they can sleep in until 9 a.m. Other amenities include personal power outlets, reading lights, WiFi, seating areas and they provide beverages such as coffee and tea. They also have an attendant to assist passengers during the ride.

“Just got off the bus this morning to a beautiful San Francisco day! I slept through the night and woke up in SF. It definitely beats sitting in an uncomfortable greyhound chair with the possibility of sitting beside a stranger. It was also 25% the price of a plane ticket for that day. There are toilets on the bus that are clean and flush down. They provide hand soaps, facial wash and hand sanitizer. It feels like an airplane restroom. The beds were clean, comfortable and spacious. You have a light and electrical outlets. Plus, the WiFi works!! Water, tea and coffee are available at any time during the ride. I highly recommend it and would ride with then again,” a reviewer wrote of the service on Yelp. The company currently has a rating of 4.5 stars on the site.

The new bus service launched in April with one bus. Due to popular demand SleepBus can’t accept any new reservations until they get more buses. According to their website they state that we are “working with our manufacturer to build 10 brand new buses right now. We can’t wait for you to try SleepBus and expect have more capacity available by August 15th.”

According to an article by Tech Insider once the company brings in new buses the price of ticket will reportedly be $65 for a one-way fare. To check out more information on SleepBus you can go to their website To read reviews from past riders you can go to

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