UNITED STATES—Have you ever had a dream about work that seemed so vivid that you absolutely knew it was real even though at the time it was all made up in your head? I’ve had a few of those dreams lately and I’m trying to make sense of things. Why? The intensity of the dreaming has actually scared me. I’m anxious, I’m panicked and I’m finding myself wondering why the hell this is seeping into my sleep.

I studied psychology in college, especially as an undergraduate with particular focus on the brain and sleep. Why we sleep? How we sleep and the things that transpire during the day and during a week, a month, a year or years and how it can structure the memories in our brain that can be tapped into when we lay our head down at night.

I had a dream about former job that I swear I felt like I was at work and got into a tussle more so an argument. I was annoyed, I felt defeated and then the dream took a turn for the worse with a roof collapse and then I woke up. I started to recollect the dream as much as possible, trying to explain to myself why it transpired. Do I miss that job? Am I so frustrated with my current place of employment that I wish I was back at my former job?

That last statement did get me thinking because I had NOT considered that, but it started to make sense a bit. I’ve always been a strong advocate for echoing the fact that if you’re having sleepless nights about work, there is indeed a problem America and you need to find a way, somehow to solve the issue at hand. Exactly what does that mean? Perhaps your current place of employment is NOT all sunshine and butterflies.

One would make the argument correlation does not equal causation. Yes, we know that from psychology 101 people. Here’s the kicker, a few days later I had a dream about my current place of employment and it was not a pretty dream. I was frustrated at work, I was annoyed with work and that manifested myself into my dream and it felt so real if you pinched me I would have thought I was still in the real world, but it was a fantasy.

What does that say? There is more going on in my brain than I have been able to navigate and I don’t like that America. I don’t want to be dreaming about work that is a terrible feeling people and it makes me feel like my mind is telling me something that I have been grappling with that I have ignored.

Am I truly happy at work? Why am I having these dreams? Should I have a conversation with work about what is actually taking place people? Perhaps that it a conversation that is needed to truly examine ways to curb the anxiety, the stress and the mental battle going on in my head that is impacting my overall health, my mental health and that’s a serious issue people that cannot be ignored.

Dreams are a sign of things, and if you’re having repeated dreams that is a more significant issue at play that you may be pushing on the backburner that your mind is NOT allowing you to forget about it. Question what is going and realize that sometimes a dream is not just a dream it might be a sign from the universe hinting at something that you’re ignoring that you shouldn’t.

Written By Jason Jones