UNITED STATES—We have discussed many classics when it comes the iconic Super Nintendo game series. However, if there was ever a series that defined my childhood it would be the video game series “Mega Man.” If you have ever heard of the game, you are well aware of “Mega Man II,” “Mega Man III,” “Mega Man IV,” “Mega Man V” and “Mega Man VI” before the series finally elevated to new graphics, new bosses, armor upgrades and tons of more fun with “Mega Man X.”

The franchise got old with our fearless hero doing constant battle with Dr. Wiley and his robots, so now we usher in a new baddie Sigma, how was a Reploid created by Dr. Light who have gone dark and his legion of baddies, who are challenges for our robot hero to say the least. With that said this game has a bevy of ferocious villains who any fan of the series is well aware has some unique power rather its fire, ice, wind, electricity or some other neat ability. I always say you start by defeating one boss, in this case Chill Penguin.

Once you’ve earned his ice ability, you can use that to defeat Spark Mandrill. Once you have his electric ability you can battle Armored Armadillo. His power leads you to the opportunity to defeat Launch Octopus. I will admit Launch Octopus is one annoying boss to say the least. He is a challenge, but not as challenging as Sting Chameleon. He is indeed the one boss, where you need to have his weakness to have a fighting chance of taking him out. Otherwise you better have plenty of energy tanks if you want to survive.

Throughout your journey from the eight stages, you have to be on the lookout for upgrades to your suit, including a helmet that allows you to break bricks. You have the upgrade to your cannon which delivers a stronger punch to the enemies that you fight. You have upgrades to your feet which allows you to dash and move at a quicker past. The final upgrade comes to your chest armor which reduces the amount of damage that is inflicted upon you from enemies.

Now if you think by defeating those eight baddies is the end of the game think again. Why? You have several more bosses to battle before you reach Sigma. All are easy in their own right if you just pay attention to the patterns that utilize to attack. As with all “Mega Man” games you will battle each of those first eight bosses again before you come face-to-face with Sigma. This villain is an upgrade from Dr. Wiley if I’m being honest.

He is powerful, calculating and takes a bit of patience to put him out of his misery. Dare I say he’s a challenge to say the least, but it is a test of your ability as a gamer! You are challenged to outmaneuver and critically plan each attack to ensure your survival. If you think “Mega X2” and subsequent entries in the franchise. Next week we will tackle another ‘Super’ in the video game verse, this one being “Super Castlevania.”

Written By Davy Jones