UNITED STATES—If there was ever a game that I had a TON of fun playing with my siblings as a kid, it had to be the Super Nintendo classic, “Zombies Ate My Neighbors.” This game is so much fun, a challenge and just what video games should be. It has a very simple premise you have to rescue your neighbors from zombies.

Now things are easy to start, but be warned EVERY 4 levels you will be tasked with battling an enemy that makes keeping your neighbors alive much harder. Rather that is werewolves, space aliens, a Giant crazy baby, little tiny people with axes, ants, snakeoids, mermen (yes you heard me correctly), or a Giant spider that is a mutha, the game has its challenges.

You start out with 10 neighbors, but trust as the game moves towards the end of its 48 stages, yes, it’s a lot longer than you think people those neighbors will indeed dwindle down. That is actually a good thing in my opinion, the more people you have to capture, the longer you will explore certain stages leading to your impending doom. The game is loaded with tons of goodies, like extra lives, treasure chests, weapons that help your efforts in survival in addition to two different potions: one that allows you to regenerate your life and another that allows you to turn into a creature that ensures absolute chaos.

The fun thing about this game is the litter of gadgets that helps you throughout the journey. Two of my faves being the bazooka gun and the bubble gum gun. You might understand the bazooka because it kills major enemies like those pesky large ants, a big baby and those snakoids. However, the bubble gum gun is just as effective at destroying ants and creating a major diversion for enemies who are impacting your journey.

It is so important to point out, there is this ruse to believe that level 36 is the final stage of the game considering you battle this massive spider and when I say MASSIVE SPIDER I mean it. It takes literally everything you have in your arsenal to defeat this enemy. Let me just say having that vacuum to suck up those spider webs is vital to your survival people because you need at least 3 monster potions to defeat this wicked scientist. Be advised every enemy you battle has a weakness.

Who would have guessed that a six can of pop would be the weakness for a chainsaw wielding maniac or perhaps a knives and forks would be the death of a werewolf. It sounds silly, but knowing one’s weakness is the key to getting out of dicey situations that you least expected people. The fun about “Zombies Ate My Neighbors” is that you can tackle the journey on your own or with a partner. I will admit it is exciting playing the game with two players than one because you always have someone looking out for your back. “Zombies Ate My Neighbors” is a fun game and reminds you of the nostalgia that the SNES delivers.

Written By Davy Jones