HOLLYWOOD—Dare I say it, I have found a new guilty pleasure on Tuesday, one that is not Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Yes it seems so and it’s “The Oval.” This week the drama inside The White House continued with the episode, ‘Don’t Believe Your Eyes.’ We left off on a cliffhanger with Kyle confronting Lilly about snooping and she decided to pull a gun on him to prove that she is not messing around.

Kyle was ready to murder, but Lilly was not about to let that happen. Little did Kyle know Bobby and Max were sitting outside the home ready to strike at a moment’s notice to ensure Lilly was safe. Hunter, Jason and Victoria attempted to have a friendly dinner, but it was Victoria who was unleashing her inner rage as Jason made taunts and she issued threats to take her out. Jason is disturbed people and there is nothing to hide that.

Yeah, Hunter is trying to keep the peace, but it is apparent he is failing miserably at it. Richard noticed that Priscilla was off her game. She countered letting her pal know that Victoria is not a woman to be trusted. If you think a doctor is going to heal Jason’s homicidal tendencies you need to think again.

Sam wanted to check the footage regarding the last day Jean was at The White House. Priscilla knows something is up and now it seems that Sam is aware something is also going on. Donald wanted to test Allen to ensure all was ok with his assistant. Diane made her move to infiltrate Donald and the dirty shenanigans inside the Oval office.

Barry warned his mother that his father was not going to forgive him so easily. Barry poked his nose wondering why his mother refuses to indicate who Pinky’s father is. Barry recorded a video asking for help to locate his daughter. I will admit the acting was terrible to say the least. If you’re hoping to have tears shredded the acting has to be a bit more convincing. Richard arrived home and continued to give Nancy the cold shoulder. Yes, Nancy until you confess the truth about who the father is?!

Dale asked Sharon and Kareem about places to hang out little did Kareem know that Dale was gay. Sharon is indeed a fun character when she was not stressed. Sam stopped by to speak to Dale about his details on the cult that Ruth belongs to. It was apparent that Sam and Kareem do not get along people. Kareem just doesn’t know when to stop flirting, even when Sharon doesn’t want to be hit on.

Looks like the decision rather to have a child or not is something that Sharon is struggling with. He offered Sharon a key to his place as a sign of faith. Priscilla stopped by the hospital to see the maid who discovered Jean’s body underneath Jason’s bedroom. Ms. Laura started to speak leaving the audience with a potential cliffhanger until the next episode.

Max and Bobby were antsy to make a move just as Kyle was seen exiting Donald’s home with a large piece of luggage. Next week, Jason continues to make threats, Donald and Lilly clash and it looks like Kyle has a new buddy in Dale Until then “Oval” fans!