SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco’s local men’s soccer team, San Francisco City FC, announced on Friday, July 17 that they are cutting ties with the University of San Francisco men’s soccer team after allegations of sexual misconduct. 

A statement posted by the San Francisco City FC on Twitter announced: 

“San Francisco City FC would like to express our condemnation over the recent allegations regarding the University of San Francisco Men’s Soccer Team. We stand in solidarity with all survivors of sexual assault and insist that the University conduct a comprehensive investigation of these charges and provide independent verification of its findings. We have enjoyed a close relationship with USF and its soccer program for many years. Given these serious allegations of misconduct, neglect, and failure to investigate sexual assaults, we will be suspending our affiliation with the University pending further investigation.”

This decision comes after the University of San Francisco confirmed that one of their former men’s soccer players was accused of sexual misconduct while he was a student at the university. The player in question is identified as Manny Padilla, who played for the Dons from 2014-17. The investigation of Padilla began after a USF alumnus began an online protest that called into question concerns about the USF men’s soccer team. A petition of was created on July 13 asking the school to investigate and take action, and has garnered nearly 5,000 signatures so far.

A photo of Manny Padilla. Photo courtesy of USF

USF responded Tuesday, July 14 with a letter that states: “The university can confirm that Manny Padilla was involved in a case of sexual misconduct involving another USF student in 2015. After an investigation by USF’s Title IX office, Mr. Padilla was found to be responsible and, as a result, he received disciplinary sanctions from the university.” The exact nature of the sexual misconduct still remains unclear, and it is unknown what kind of disciplinary actions the school took against him. SF City has had close ties with the USF Men’s soccer team for a long time, as SF City used the university’s soccer field for home games, and many USF players had temporarily joined the SF City team to play competitive matches during the college offseason.

“The university takes these allegations seriously and our policy is clear: Sexual misconduct is not tolerated at USF,” the USF’s letter further states.